Are Vibrating Bassinets Safe For Newborns?

The vibrating rhythmic motion bassinet is supposed to soothe newborns and help them to fall asleep faster. In the past year, vibrating bassinets have been a popular product for new parents.

However, some people are questioning whether or not these products are safe for newborns.

This article will discuss the safety of vibrating bassinets and what you should consider before buying one!

The vibrating function is meant to comfort infants and help them fall asleep. 

According to the American Pregnancy Association, vibrating bassinets should not be used on newborn babies under six months old because it could increase their risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

When you’re pregnant, do your research before buying a vibrating bassinet so that you can make an educated decision.

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What is a Vibrating Bassinet?

A newborn finger is in mouth

A vibration bassinet is a baby’s bed placed at ground level and often near an adult’s bed. This helps parents to comfort their babies while they sleep.

But, moms sometimes need some help sleeping, so the bassinet offers gentle vibrations such as the swaddle player.

The rhythm of these vibrations can imitate or remind parents of their womb or other comforting soothing sounds from other sources.

Such as white noise machines, which also produce soothing sound waves to calm and soothe adults and children alike. 

How does this vibrating bassinet work?

A vibrating bassinet provides a rock-a-bye baby with soothing vibrations. These soothe and lull the newborn baby to fall asleep, often causing them to fall asleep sooner than they usually would without such aids.

The bassinet’s design generates a rotating motion through two rocking disks. 

The unidirectional movement of the bassinet provides newborns with different sensations to help them sleep or soothe themselves back to fall asleep.

The arbitrary movements imitate the soothing actions performed by caregivers.

Why do people use them?

Mother and her baby sleeping

A vibrating bassinet provides a much calmer environment than ones without the vibration feature. This allows for peaceful sleep and parental relaxation in any setting.

The vibrations can be customized, setting them to revolve longitudinally back and forth in a circular motion. The vibration moves in through the soles of your feet, which is why many find this soothing and even therapeutic when undergoing treatment for pain or anxiety.

You can also use it as an alarm, rocking device for colicky infants, or to help the baby fall asleep well all around!

This unique sleeper doubles as a chair safety insert that can vibrate your child’s daily activities such as feedings and diaper changes providing safety with peace of mind.

Can Baby Sleep peacefully In Vibrating Bassinet?

It’s tough to tell how many babies do sleep peacefully in a vibrating bassinet, and it seems that infants and young babies sleep better when they’re on some surface.

So if possible, this would probably be best achieved by providing the fussy Baby with some soft bedding, such as a nice soft blanket or some sheets and pillows.

You could also give your Baby some music or white noise and some water to drink, so they stay hydrated overnight as well.

Turning off any unnecessary lights is also recommended for everyone. But especially for babies who are very sensitive to light. 

It may also affect their circadian rhythms, making them feel more restless the whole night.

Why do babies like vibration?

baby sleeping in a bassinet

It is thought that babies enjoy the sensation of vibration because it simulates their mother’s heartbeat – a vaunted part of the comfort and security they enjoyed in utero.

Thus, to be back within their mother’s womb sounds like such a tranquil and safe environment for babies. 

They’re willing to put up with the irritation of having something vibrating against their skin for hours on end. 

And, if you think about it that way, you’ll see why parents use swings and whirls and other types of vibration (honestly nothing new) to change an unhappy baby’s mood.

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Is vibrating bassinet safe for your newborns?

Many people believe that standard bassinets can disrupt a newborn’s sleep and interfere with breathing, and that is not true of modern quilted co-sleepers designed explicitly for the bassinet.

Which cradle and comfort babies while allowing them to make any necessary movements and offer some regulating body contact.

Accordingly, there’ve been no reports of babies dying in their sleep because of vibration from a vibrating bassinet.

Vibrating bassinet and SIDS in infants

Your infant’s safety may be at risk, depending on the type and frequency in which they are placed to sleep. Vibrating bassinets have been shown as a contributing factor for SIDS (sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

Advantages of Vibrating bassinets

baby in a vibrating bassinet

Vibrating bassinets are a luxury that many parents appreciate. There’s nothing quite as therapeutic as being able to press a button and have your child straighten up immediately. Some of them are Bluetooth compatible to allow you to vibrate them without having to enter the nursery! There are several advantages to using vibrating bassinets.

1. Affordable Options

A vibrating bassinet can be an affordable option for your child. Some are close to $200, but the ones on sale often cost less than $100-$150!

That’s still expensive when you consider how long most of these products last (a standard crib lasts around ten years).

The process of finding the best option becomes much more affordable with some effort.

You have to shop around, which can take time, but it is worth it to get your desired product at an acceptable price range!

2. Hands-Free Soothing

Imagine not having to hold and rock your baby all day long. The Vibrating Bassinets is a hands-free soothing option.

It will keep you feeling fresh while getting things done around the house or doing some laundry!

Vibrating Bassinets are like the best thing to happen to parents. They’re hands-free, soothing, and perfect for those moments when you need some alone time or want your baby close but don’t have enough energy!

You can even use these vibrators as booster seats so that way they’ll be ready at all times during their early years.

It won’t matter what kind of day mommy has because there will always be something happy waiting inside this little guy’s crib!”

3. Limited Options

Most bassinets with convenient features, such as a shelf underneath and whole night light, also have vibration options. But there is no way to find the perfect one if you’re looking for this function.

Vibrators can be put in various positions to maximize the amount of pressure applied to your baby’s crotch. However, not all vibrators. Like the sounds and lights.

This makes it difficult when shopping around since some parents want both options available while others only need sound calming capabilities alone. It will be making them search even harder!

Disadvantages of vibrating bassinets

Consider both the benefits and drawbacks of any option before making a selection of a bassinet. Vibrating bassinets have their benefits, but there are a few drawbacks to consider.

1. More Expensive Than Other Bassinets

Babies love the soothing vibrations of their bassinets, and if you want a more comforting experience for your child, then it’s worth investing in one. 

Vibrating beds can cost up to three times as much, though. 

So make sure that before purchasing any type or brand new product from this category!.

In addition to being expensive compared with other types of mattresses, they often lack features. 

Such as calming lights, which some parents find helpful when trying nighttime feeds while traveling outside their home country. These extra costs mean many people won’t buy them unless necessary!

For those who already have an old-fashioned frame without a vibration function built into its legs (or not), buying another separate device could get very costly too.

2. Sometimes Babies Can Get Used To it.

A baby can get used to sleeping with a vibrating bassinet. At the same time, it may be nice for you to have some extra free time because the rocking never ends.

This could turn into your child becoming dependent on these vibrations when they are an adult and need help falling asleep at night! 

To avoid any problems in later life, you should stop using the vibration machines while babies sleep.

So that way, their minds don’t become accustomed to them and make going off Sleeping Aid tablets difficult. Suppose needed down the track or even worse: unable to fall asleep at all.

Who should not use this type of product?

Are Vibrating Bassinets Safe For Newborns?

The vibrating bassinet is not appropriate for medically fragile babies, premature, underweight, or small.

The vibration can irritate the skin in some cases. For this reason, if you have sensitive skin or diabetes, you should avoid using vibrating products.

The vibrating should not be used by those with a pacemaker, neurological disorders, other muscle diseases, or other chronic conditions. 

Is vibration terrible for the fetus?

This question is muddled a bit, but yes, it is.

Vibrations from heavy machinery and other loud noises have been shown to have adverse effects on developing fetuses. 

Many of the tools used for open-heart surgery are explicitly made so they won’t vibrate while being used because they can cause severe brain damage in fetuses.

It’s one more reason to use caution if you’re pregnant and know that construction near your home is happening soon!

Is it OK to let the baby sleep in a vibrating chair?

cute baby with a stuffed toy

Babies can sleep in a vibrating chair. But you should try to avoid letting your baby sleep in the same place all night because it’s not good for their health.

I have seen many parents put their babies to bed with a cushion or wrapped up under a blanket on that chair, but I don’t recommend this.

You should do what makes you most comfortable and only use the vibrating chair once the baby is fed and ready to sleep.

They say it helps them relax because they’re exhausted from sitting in an uncomfortable place for hours while being transferred from hospital or birthing center to home.

So be mindful of that thought process when deciding whether the vibration is best for your little one.

Wrapping Up

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to buy a vibrating bassinet for your newborn, we hope this article has helped clear up some of your questions.

There are plenty of benefits associated with using one, and many parents swear by them!

The question of whether or not vibrating bassinets are safe for newborns is a difficult one.

There doesn’t seem to be any scientific evidence that they’re dangerous, but there’s also no data on the long-term effects of using them while sleeping in infancy.

We recommend you speak with your pediatrician before making this decision and use caution if you choose to use it.

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