Best Bassinets for Breastfeeding or C-Section Moms in 2021

Best Bassinets for Breastfeeding or C-Section Moms

Do you know when a person starts caring less for themselves? When they have a newborn baby. Because all their focus and care just starts encompassing that tiny, beautiful life.

Undoubtedly, they need you the most at this stage of their life. Your consistent attention is so important that even at night you can’t keep them away. What else can be the best way than a co sleeper bassinet to keep your baby closer day and night? So, have you thought of checking out the best bassinet for breastfeeding newborn babies?

From the thought of helping you out, I found the best way to do that is by reviewing the finest co sleeper bassinets. These co sleeper bassinets are some of the best in this genre. I can bet that you’ll find them useful and visually appealing at the same time. Let’s get started then?

10 Best Bassinet for Breastfeeding Reviews

Maybe you’re always good at picking up the right product. But without a detailed idea of the best products, even you are not free of the possibility of making mistakes. So, if you’re really here to grab the best bassinet for your baby, then here starts the counting with the first one.

1. Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper

HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper, Bedside Bassinet, Essentia Series, Morning Mist (Retired)
2,810 Reviews
HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper, Bedside Bassinet, Essentia Series, Morning Mist (Retired)
  • From your trusted brand leader in safe sleep, our award-winning HALO BassiNest is beloved by parents and nurses for its safety, comfort, and convenience. Our best-selling HALO BassiNest is the only bassinet with a 360º swivel to keep your newborn close allowing for essential bonding.
  • Designed with mothers in mind, the patented lowering bedside wall makes it easier to care for baby from bed, especially for breastfeeding and C-section moms.
  • Patented lowering bedside wall allows you to tend to baby from bed. Wall can be locked in the upright position, if desired.

Newborn babies are at a stage of their life where they need their parents more than ever. As Halo understands that, they’ve come up with a convenient solution in the form of Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper.

To have your baby close to you, Halo has given this bedside bassinet the swivel feature. That has made easier than ever to pull your baby closer to you anytime. The 360° rotation is probably something you’ll simply admire in the first place.

The reason is, it won’t block your way to get in or out of the bed and will also let your baby have e safe sleep. Keeping things hassle-free, the side storage pockets will provide you enough space to put in your baby’s essentials. So, forget it if you’re thinking about walking to the other side of the room to grab a diaper.

The soothing center will make your baby’s sleep a comforting one with its two vibration levels. Along with that, the four soothing sounds will give your baby a relaxing atmosphere to sleep.

Features of Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper:

  • Adjustable Sleek Base: With this, it’s easy to adjust the co sleeper bassinet according to the height of the adult bed within a adjustable height of 22” to 34”.
  • Waterproof Bassinet Mattress: The Halo bassinet mattress with its waterproof nature won’t allow you to get bothered any water spill.
  • Breathable Mesh Walls: Through the breathable mesh walls you can easily see your baby’s movement. Moreover, the walls are high enough to keep the baby safe.


  • Easy to use.
  • Breathable walls.
  • Swivel movement.
  • Safe.
  • Soothing sounds and vibrations.


  • Can’t use soft bedding.

2. Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper

Milliard Bedside Bassinet Side Sleeper/Portable Infant Crib
1,789 Reviews
Milliard Bedside Bassinet Side Sleeper/Portable Infant Crib
  • Two modes – can be used as a standalone bassinet, and as a side-sleeper bassinet, attached to an adult bed (with included bed straps).
  • Safe – Meets or exceeds all US safety regulations for side-sleeper bassinets + easy assembly with clear instructions and no tools needed.
  • Height adjustable to accommodate bed heights of 23”-31” high. Measure from the top of the adult mattress to the floor.

No breastfeeding moms wants to have their baby away from them, even if they’re sleeping. Admiring that part of new breastfeeding moms, I’d like to ask you to have a look over the Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper.

To keep it on the list of best bassinets for newborn and their breastfeeding moms, the standalone bassinet has everything you’ll need in the first place. This one is so convenient as a bedside sleeper that you can reach your baby anytime in the middle of the night. So, you won’t even have any problem going back to sleep once you’re done feeding. 

This standalone bassinet is made in a way that anyone can set it up within a short time. You won’t need to pull your toolbox out for that. With the user-friendly design, you can put it anywhere in the room as well. So, why would you think of keeping the baby stuck in the bedroom only?

Unlike some of the bassinets, you won’t have to carry it from one room to another. With the Built-in wheels, you can just take it anywhere you want. Don’t worry about the baby’s safety part. The breaks will take care of it.

Features of Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper:

  • Two side pockets: They’ll give you the required space to put any of your baby’s essentials. So, all you need is put your hand in the pockets and pull them out, easy as pie.
  • 2-side breathable mesh: With the 2-side breathable mesh, your baby will get maximum breathability. Along with that, you can check them out anytime as it gives you clear visibility.
  • 7 Height Adjustable: With the complete freedom of adjustability, you can set it on adjustable height anywhere between 13” to 21” from the floor.


  • Easily adjustable.
  • Convenient Assembly process.
  • Complete Breathability.
  • Better weight carrying capacity.
  • Stable and sturdy.


  • The padded mattress firmness needs a little improvement.

3. MiClassic 2in1 Rock&Stay Bassinet

Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet & Bedside Sleeper, Charcoal Tweed
4,512 Reviews
Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet & Bedside Sleeper, Charcoal Tweed
  • DIMENSIONS: 37" long x 22.5" wide x 31" tall
  • SAFE and COMFORTABLE - Sleep soundly knowing that your baby is safer and comfortable. Your little one will rest on a comfy, yet firm mattress covered in a soft sheet that is machine washable.
  • MOBILE- Lightweight enough to move from room to room, the Beside Me Dreamer can be used as a bedside bassinet/co-sleeper in beside your bed, or as a bassinet out in the living room. Convenience is key!

I don’t know if any other brand has taken building a traveler portable bassinet so seriously as the MiClassic did with their 2in1 Rock&Stay co sleeper Bassinet. Once you look at its design, it’ll amaze you as well with all the ease that comes along.

It has one of the easiest assembly processes, you’ll be seeing so far in co sleeper bassinets. You won’t even have to waste a minute to make it a fully functional bassinet for your baby. When you’re in a rush, you can just pull it up, put it in the carry bag and run to your car.

To make it up to you, MiClassic designed it with both Rock and Stay mode. This means you can use it as a rocker and a stable bassinet at the same time. Otherwise, why they would’ve called it 2 in 1?

MiClassic knows that how helpful a breathable mesh wall is for a baby. Keeping that in mind, they’ve given it the highly transparent, breathable mesh walls. Now you can see your baby anytime, no matter where you’re sitting in the room.

Features of MiClassic 2in1 Rock&Stay Bassinet:

  • One-second open & fold system: It’ll give your baby the access to the co sleeper bassinet anywhere, anytime. Interestingly, it’ll need just a second to be that way.
  • Quick Pull Up System: The Quick Pull Up System has made assembling and dissembling equally convenient. Moreover, with it, the transportation has got easier as well.
  • Rock Mode: To make things more soothing for your baby, you can instantly put the co sleeper bassinet into the Rocker mode.


  • Easy to use and install.
  • Better portability.
  • Light-weight.
  • Perfect breathability.
  • Highly comfortable.


  • No extra space for accessories.

4. Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet

New parents often prefer getting the best co sleeper bassinet for their newborn. After all, all they want is to let their baby have their uninterrupted attention 24X7. With a better understanding of that concept, Baby Delight thought of bringing the Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet.

To convert it into a bedside sleeper, all you need is to unlock this baby delight and lift the sidebar up. It’ll unlatch the co sleeper Bassinet wall. To finish off the conversion process, unzip the remaining part of the wall. Just within a few seconds, your baby delight bedside sleeper will be ready.

To ensure the advantage of portability, its lightweight feature will make it super easy for you to move it anywhere. For maximizing safety, the attached safety straps will keep it fixed to the bed.

Your bed might be higher than the current position of the bassinet. If so, then with the 6-position adjustable height adjustment, you can balance the position as per your convenience level.

Features of Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet:

  • 6-Level Height Adjustment: This baby delight bassinet will allow you to fit it to almost any of the beds. With the easy adjustment process, it’s just a matter of seconds.
  • Waterproof Fitted Sheet: To save you from the extra hazard, the waterproof fitted sheet will keep it easier than ever with simple wiping.
  • Weight Carrying Capacity: Until your baby crosses the age of 5 months or a weight of 20 lbs, this baby delight bassinet can hold him/her easily.


  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Easy conversion process.
  • Perfect adjustability.
  • Waterproof.


  • Don’t have any side-pockets.

5. Milliard Bedside Bassinet

Mika Micky Baby Bassinet Bedside Sleeper Bedside Crib Easy Folding Portable Crib All mesh 2022 New,Grey
7,987 Reviews
Mika Micky Baby Bassinet Bedside Sleeper Bedside Crib Easy Folding Portable Crib All mesh 2022 New,Grey
  • Easy to attach or remove from parents’ bed using the two fastening straps provided.
  • 7 height positions to suit parents' bed. Easy-open side panel for bedside mode.
  • Two-side mesh makes more breathable and cozy room.

Parents of newborns often think less of getting diversifiable products for their newborn babies. But there’s no way to blame them as they’re inexperienced. But Millard is not and probably that’s why they came up with the side sleeper bedside bassinet. The thoughtful design actually speaks for itself.

One of the best things about this bassinet is, you can use it both in a standalone pattern or side-sleeper pattern. As you’re not going to keep the baby for the whole day in your bedroom, you can just put it in standalone mode.

But in the night, you with the side-sleeper mode, you can have your baby safe and sound right by your side for the whole night. As it doesn’t take more than a minute to convert it from one mode to another, you won’t have to be bothered with the conversion process.

Rather than putting you in a struggle while installing, Millard thought of making the process more effortless. You don’t need to draw any tool from your toolbox to fix it right in your bedroom. All you need is just to follow some simple instructions.

Features of Milliard Bedside Bassinet:

  • Height Adjustment: You can adjust the co sleeper bassinet to match up with the adjustable height of your bed. It can keep up with any bed with a height of 23”-31”.
  • Storage Pockets: To keep the required baby essentials within your reach, the pockets will give you easy access. Now to grab the diapers, wipes or other accessories, all you need to do is put your hands in the pockets.
  • Flexible Frame: Not too much, but the frame is flexible enough to put your baby into sleep with mild shaking.


  • Easy to install.
  • Waterproof mattress.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy conversion process.


  • The mattress could’ve been softer.

6. Graco Dream Suite Bassinet

Arm's Reach Concepts Versatile Co-Sleeper - Bliss, Blue and White
28 Reviews
Arm's Reach Concepts Versatile Co-Sleeper - Bliss, Blue and White
  • The feet fit under the bed on all styles of beds which have space under the bed frame, retractable feet allows the use with all platform beds that do not have space under bed
  • Sleeping nest has a 30" Clearance when fully extended, allows for high top bed, sleeping nest can rest on top of mattress or along side of adult bed for ease in breastfeeding
  • Adjustable height to fit all beds, mesh sides for ventilation, can be used on carpet or bare floors

Every parent wants to give their baby the comfiest space to sleep. They want it to be perfect in every way, including spaciousness, sturdiness, and warmth. Graco thought of bringing something like that in the form of Dream Suite co sleeper Bassinet.

To keep things a little out of the box, Graco has given it a reversible design. You can convert it into a diaper changer whenever you need it. Impressively, it can hold up to 30 lbs and I don’t think it’s less than sufficient.

In this perfect best bedside bassinet, your baby will get a cozy space to have a sound sleep for the whole night. I don’t know which one you consider as the best bassinet for small spaces, but this will just do fine there. So, if you have any problem with bigger bassinets, it can be your ideal one.

Unlike most of the bassinets, it’ll give you humongous built-in storage. You can keep tons of your baby essentials there. You might even not need any extra organizer for a while. Why would you grab one, if this co sleeper bassinet can keep it all within your reach?

Features of Graco Dream Suite Bassinet:

  • Airy Mesh Sides: The mesh side makes sure that your baby gets all the air he/she needs to have a sound sleep. Along with the comfort and breathability, it gives you the visual access to your baby as well.
  • 4 Locking Wheels: To put the bassinet anywhere within the room, the lockable wheels will give the complete advantage of maneuverability.
  • Canopy Shade with Toys: The canopy protects the baby from the light while sleeping and hanging toys will keep your baby entertained when you’re busy with work.


  • Good weight carrying capacity.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Easily maneuverable.
  • Spacious storage.
  • Perfectly breathable.


  • Not for traveling.

7. Dream On Me Traveler Bassinet

HALO BassiNest Glide Sleeper, Bedside Bassinet, Adjustable, Mosaic
826 Reviews
HALO BassiNest Glide Sleeper, Bedside Bassinet, Adjustable, Mosaic
  • Patented lowering bedside wall allows you to tend to baby from bed. Wall can be locked in the upright position, if desired.
  • Glides across any floor surface, including carpet, to bring baby to you for close, safe sleep. Unlike other bassinets, its simple glide motion makes getting in and out of bed hassle-free.
  • Stable base adjusts from 24" to 34" tall to fit most beds. Base easily tucks under bed and requires only 32" clearance from wall, making it ideal for small spaces.

Are you looking for the best travel bassinet?  Then maybe I have something that you might find good enough to put on your “check-it-out” list. Yes, it’s the Dream On Me Traveler Bassinet.

What has made it among one of the finest traveler portable bassinets is its weight. This bassinet has a weight of only 7.5 pounds. Probably it’s one of the most lightweight bassinets you’ll see around in a while.

Its lean modern design has given it a visual appeal. This design is what might’ve made it compatible with almost any of the décor. Its mesh sides will make sure that your baby will get enough airflow to breathe effortlessly. At the same time, it pushes the visibility level to a higher extent.

You don’t need to worry about durability just because it has a foldable frame. The thoughtful construction is sturdy enough to serve you for a long time. The travel bag that comes along with it makes it easier for you to carry it anywhere you take the baby with you.

Features of Dream On Me Traveler Bassinet:

  • Sets up in seconds: With the convenient snap-on legs you can get this bassinet assembled just within seconds. All you need is to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer.
  • Washable Bassinet Fabric: To give you the chance to keep things hygienic, it comes with washable bassinet fabric and mattress. With the removable mattress pad, you can create a comfy space for your baby.
  • Durable Travel Bag: It’ll give you the scope of easy transportation with this foldable bassinet. Even if you want to keep it stored, you’re free to use the bag.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Highly portable.
  • Easy to store.
  • Optimal ventilation system.
  • Sturdy construction.


  • Don’t have any adjustable canopy.


BABYBJORN Cradle - White, 31x23x26 Inch (Pack of 1)
333 Reviews
BABYBJORN Cradle - White, 31x23x26 Inch (Pack of 1)
  • Lulls your baby to sleep with relaxing, gentle rocking movement
  • JPMA Certified Product with low height and transparent mesh fabrics allowing for secure supervision of your baby
  • Easy to move around the house so you can always have your child close to you day and night

Have you seen your baby’s face when they sleep? Looks so peaceful, doesn’t it? BABYBJÖRN has brought a beautiful compact cradle to keep that up with your baby.

The first thing BABYBJÖRN focused on is giving it a feature of gentle rocking. It generates a soothing motion like a stroller. This feature gives your baby the scope to have a perfect and peaceful sleep. Using your foot or hand, you can keep it rocking till your baby falls asleep.

Its low height with the transparent mesh fabric gives you complete freedom to have an eye on your baby. If your baby is within the age of 0-6 months, this cradle is perfect for him/her.

To keep your baby safe BABYBJÖRN has given this cradle an airy mesh fabric wall. This wall is tall enough to keep your baby within all the time until you’re taking him/her out of it.

Features of BABYBJÖRN Cradle:

  • Washable Materials: BABYBJÖRN has given it a washable fabric along with a waterproof mattress cover. You can remove the cover anytime and put it in the machine for easy cleaning.
  • Canopy for Baby: It minimizes the intensity of the light while the baby is sleeping. As a result, the baby’s sleep gets less interrupted.
  • Portability and Stability: With the 13-pound weight, it’s amazingly easy to carry anywhere within the house. To ensure the stability, BABYBJÖRN has given its durable foot grips.


  • Perfectly breathable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Highly Portable.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Durable.


  • Low weight capacity.

9. HALO BassiNest Glide Sleeper

Dream On Me, Traveler Portable Bassinet, Twinkle Grey
2,521 Reviews
Dream On Me, Traveler Portable Bassinet, Twinkle Grey
  • LIGHT & MOBILE: Set up the Traveler Portable Bassinet in a jiffy, thanks to snap-on legs & a one-piece top structure. A lightweight aluminium frame makes it easy to carry around. Folds & stores compactly in the provided travel bag making it easily portable
  • COMFORTABLE & CONVENIENT FABRIC: The bassinet is made of a polyester foam fabric that is soft and safe. It comes with a full mesh design on the sides that ensures optimal ventilation and visibility. The zipper cover is detachable and easy to clean
  • MATTRESS CONVENIENCE: The Traveler comes with a padded mattress that is easy to remove and fold for compact storage. Don’t worry about your child making a mess - simply remove the mattress and wash it. The mattress dimensions are 33.5Lx20Wx1H inches

One thing I love the most about any Halo bedside bassinet is, all of them have something unique from the other one. This HALO BassiNest Glide Sleeper too has not broken that tradition.

To give the C-section breastfeeding moms complete access to their baby, this bassinet comes with lowerable sidewalls. So, now if you’re thinking about reaching your baby from your bed, you can do it without leaving the bed. Once you leave the pressure from the wall, it’ll get back to its normal position.

As the bassinet has gliding discs, you can easily push or pull it over any surface. It’s so smooth that you won’t even have to put any effort to generate the gliding motion. By the way, don’t worry, it won’t spoil your floors.

The mesh walls will give your baby a perfectly breathable atmosphere. On the question of visibility, you’ll have complete visual access to your baby. In case your bed is not on the same level as the bassinet, you can adjust it instantly.

Features of HALO BassiNest Glide Sleeper:

  • Cleanable Material: it’s made of good quality polyester, which has made it easy to clean with a damp cloth. Thankfully, theseHalo bassinest sheets are something that you can wash in your machine.
  • Stable 4-point Base: It can maintain a perfect levelif the bed is within a adjustable height from 24” to 30”.
  • Waterproof Mattress: To keep the hassle at the minimum level, the mattress is made waterproof. As it doesn’t contain any toxic flame retardants, it’s going to be completely safe for your baby.


  • Easy to use.
  • Breathable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Perfectly portable.


  • Can’t use soft bedding.

10. Arm’s Reach Versatile Co-Sleeper

Graco Dream Suite Bassinet, Mason, One Size
1,123 Reviews
Graco Dream Suite Bassinet, Mason, One Size
  • Complete bedside care center features reversible bassinet and changer all-in-one
  • Extended use changer allows for more diaper changes, up to 30 lb
  • With two speeds of vibration to choose from, you can find just the right setting to soothe baby

Do you prioritize nothing more than your baby’s comfort and safety? Then you probably can never think of something that can offer nothing but just a lucrative design. If so, then why don’t you have a look over the Arm’s Reach Versatile Co-Sleeper.

No matter how tall your bed is, it can adjust to almost any of them. Its height-adjustable design provides the required versatility you’re looking for in the first place. Worried about your small space? It still can fit in effortlessly.

To make it the perfect bedside bassinet for your baby, all you need is to put the adjustable legs under the bed. It’ll place the bassinet on the top of the mattress of your bed. The bassinet fits the bed in a way that it won’t move from its place until you make it to.

With its dimension of 36 x 29 x 42 inches, this large bassinet can keep your baby safe and sound within. Moreover, it doesn’t eat up much of the space in your room. As it weighs just only 25 pounds, you can move it from one room to another anytime as per your preference.

Features of Arm’s Reach Versatile Co-Sleeper:

  • Height Adjustment Mechanism: To keep the baby right within your eyesight, it allows you to adjust the height from 20” – 30”.
  • Weight Carrying Capacity: With the strong structure, it can hold a weight up to 18 lbs. So, you won’t have to worry about getting a new one for your baby any sooner.
  • Mesh Walls: The mesh walls keep it cool and safe for the baby. As it doesn’t block the air from flowing within, the breathability remains at a perfect level.


  • Sturdy construction.
  • Adjustable.
  • Comfortable.
  • Breathable.
  • Perfect fit to most beds.


  • Hard to roll on carpets.

Why Should You Use Bassinet for Breastfeeding Babies?

Bassinets are not the only place that is considered a fine sleeping space for a baby. But still, why would you grab one for your baby? Let me give you some reasons for that.

Comforting and Nurturing

Bassinets allow the baby to have a comforting place to sleep in. With minimum chances of disturbance, bassinets are often preferred by a lot of parents. Moreover, as they can keep the baby close by, it gets easier for them to nurture the baby properly.


Bassinets are often made with a lightweight structure. So, if you need, you can change the room anytime. All you need to do is pick it up, walk to the other room, and put it in the place you want.


With the bassinets, you can ensure the safety of the baby more conveniently. As the baby will always be around you on the bassinet, you can always have an eye on him/her. Along with that, most bassinets come with a strong mesh wall. So, the chance of the baby slipping away from the bassinet is quite tough.

Easy to Breastfeed

Basically, these bassinets are made in a way that you can reach your baby instantly. This means if you need, you can grab your baby anytime in the middle of the night to breastfeed.


As most of the bassinets have mesh walls, you can see your baby’s movement easily. Doesn’t matter if it’s in the night right by your bedside or in the daylight, you can check your baby out anytime time.

How to Choose Best Bassinet for Breastfeeding moms -Buyers Guide

Look, maybe you’re thinking that you need the bassinet just for your baby. But the truth is, it’s something you both need. Let me explain how. You need it to let the baby have a sound sleep. But at the same time, it minimizes the pressure on breastfeeding moms as well.

So, while grabbing one, you need to make sure that it can do both. It’s nothing like climbing Everest if you just know which aspects you need to focus on before you open your wallet to pay. Let’s check them out.


There’re certain aspects that you should never compromise on while grabbing a bassinet. Count portability within the top three of them. A bassinet can never be considered a good one if you need to put too much effort to move it around. So, you better check its portability in the first place.


Remember, you’re going to put your baby in it. So, I don’t think I need to explain much about why it needs to be sturdy. Your baby has a certain weight level and with the age, it’ll grow. Till the age of 6 months, you need to keep the baby there. So, for obvious reasons, it should be sturdy enough to hold your precious one.


Nothing is more important than your baby’s safety. So, never underestimate its importance while buying a bassinet. Once your baby starts moving on his/her own, the more you’ll need higher walls on the bassinets. It’ll save them from falling off.

Another thing, if the bassinet is a wheeled one, having locks on them is also highly the baby’s essentials to maximize safety.


Having too deep bassinets might sound safe for the baby, but I’ll suggest you not do that. Not for the baby, but for the mother, especially who has gone through the C-section. Bending too much might put too much pressure on their lower part in the initial stage. So, choose one that is perfect for both the breastfeeding moms and the baby.

Weight Capacity

Babies can grow faster than your imagination. Week by week you’ll see amazing changes in their body and weight. So, as weight is not a static term in the case of babies, pick a bassinet that can hold a good amount of weight. So that you won’t have to look for another one any sooner.

Waterproof Mattress

Wet surfaces are probably one of the biggest enemies for your newborn baby. With delicate health conditions, any minor negligence might cause serious illness to the baby. As they’re more prone to urinating, choose a bassinet with a waterproof mattress.


The prime function of a bassinet is to be used as your baby’s sleeping space. But having some additional functionality will ease things up more for you. Storage is one of the most common features you should expect from a bassinet. After all, you can’t look for the accessory organizer always, if you need things quickly.

Some come with a changing table as well. So, grabbing one of those may actually add a new meaning to convenience in bassinets to you.


The size or dimension requires to be checked due to two different reasons. One is to make sure if the baby is going to fit in. Another is if it’s going to be perfect according to your room size. You don’t want it to take too much space in your room, right?


The breath-ability of a bassinet is highly essential to ensure proper airflow to the baby. You’ll be seeing bassinets with mesh walls. There’re two advantages you’ll be getting with this kind of bassinets. One, your baby will be able to breathe freely. Two, you can see the baby and his/her movement from anywhere in the room.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any certain age to let the baby sleep on a bedside bassinet?

You can let the baby sleep on a bassinet right after their birth. There’s no problem with it. But while buying a bassinet, check out till which age you can let the baby sleep on it.

Is having a bassinet better than using a crib?

Till a certain age, bassinets are completely fine as a sleeping space for a newborn baby. But according to the child specialists, once they cross that age, you should give them a stronger structure to sleep on, like a crib.

Why bassinets should be avoided for newborns after the age of 6 months?

The truth is, you can’t blame bassinets for that. They are basically made to carry the baby till they’re of a certain age and weight. After they cross that weight and age, there’ll be a possibility of imbalance. So, to keep the baby safe, it’s better to use bassinets only when the baby’s age is within 6 months.

Is bassinet with swivel helpful for mothers?

Certainly, they are. The reason will get clear once you check them out. Bassinets that have swivel features are mostly made as to the best bedside bassinet. So, if a mother needs to breastfeed her baby in the middle of the night she can easily pull the baby towards her.

Why is it important for the mattress pad to be thin?

It saves the baby from suffocating. But make sure that it’s firm. Even if you’re thinking about replacing the mattress, don’t go for anything that is not instructed by the manufacturer. Try to use one that is particularly made for the bassinet for your baby’s own safety.

Final Words

Babies are gifts that we can call nothing but priceless. So, giving them maximum comfort is also part of your care towards them. In this effort, you need to make sure they get each and everything in the finest way. Even if you’ll have to keep them closer to you all the time, do it.

So, to let you have that privilege, I’ve tried to review the best bassinet for breastfeeding babies. I hope you’ll get yours from here and give your baby all the attention he/she deserves.

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