Best Bassinet for Twins Reviews in 2021

Best Bassinet for Twins

Not everything you get in your life can be measured by the term ‘worth’, probably that’s why they’re called priceless. A Baby is what I call the perfect example of that. But what if you’re blessed with newborn twins?

It surely will push your joy to a higher level, but you can’t let it overshadow your responsibilities that are waiting ahead. You need to give them everything to ensure their growth in the finest way and that includes all the baby essentials as well.

I’ve included the best bassinet for twins as these are what you’d like to have for your newborn angels. Then I thought, why don’t I just lead you to one? So, I’ve done an overall review of the finest best twin bassinets with tons of more details that you’ll find useful on your journey ahead.

So, let’s get started then?

Quick Answer- Best Bassinets For Twins

Top 5 Bassinets for Twins

There’s an amazing similarity among the parents of all the twins that they want something that goes perfectly for the ‘twins’. They like to follow that while getting bassinets for babies as well. So, I hope these top picks are not going to disappoint you at all.

1. Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center

We never thought of compromising with our baby’s comfort and want nothing for them but the best. But when it comes to baby twins, you need something that is quite out-of-the-box, but in a better way indeed. To get you something exactly like that Baby Trend has brought the Twin Nursery Center.

What you’ll love the most about this best twin bassinet is you can convert it into a fully functional stand-alone rocker whenever you want. To make it more interesting as a bassinet, they can be removed easily and you can carry each one of them individually with the help of its carry handle. 

So, if you want to go for a walk with your little stars, then just get it out, put your two babies in and start walking. To ease things up a little more, the Baby Trend nursery center has an attached flip-away changing table. Do you need anything else to make your hazardous task of changing diapers more easy?

I know keeping the baby essentials organized in one place is tough and that difficulty level goes directly to pro from rookie when you have twins. Baby trends know that as well and that’s why they’re giving you an organizer to have everything right within your hand’s reach.


  • Mesh Sides: whenever you’ll be keeping the two babies in, you won’t have to worry about the proper ventilation.
  • Electronic Music Center: This will give them a quality time. It includes the volume control along with night light and vibration.
  • One-hand locking mechanism: It won’t allow any imbalance and the wheels with brakes have no possibility to roll over as well.


  • Highly comfortable & stable.
  • Easy conversion process.
  • Proper ventilation system.
  • Ease of organizing essentials.
  • Better weight carrying capacity.


  • Tough to move around after getting assembled.

2. Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard with Twins Bassinet

There’s no doubt that newborns are at the most delicate stage of their life. It’s a time when your newborn babies need your constant attention. As a part of that attention, you need to get them each and everything to ensure perfect comfort and ease. To help you with that Graco has brought you this bedside bassinet for your twins.

This Pack ‘n Play Playard with Twins Bassinet from Graco has any of those features that as a parent of newborn twins you’ll find as a flawless example of perfection. With its compact design, you can easily put it in your room, so that your babies can have your undivided attention.

To make it all easier for you, you have the complete freedom to place it anywhere in the house. The attached wheels won’t let you face any problem while moving it. As a part of its multi-functionality, you can turn it into a pack-and-play yard or in a twin bassinet as you like.

The Graco twin bassinet is one of the lightest bassinets I’ve seen so far. As it has a weight carrying capacity of up to 15 lbs and your babies will have all the required comfort in it for their first 6 beautiful months. Another thing Graco has made sure of on this piece is easy cleaning that can be done just with damp cloths or sponges.


  • Canopy Shield: With the canopies, you’ll be able to save your babies from sunlight. Even in mild light, they’ll have a perfect nap in the shadow.
  • Quilted Mattress Pad: With the Quilted mattress pad your babies will have a cozier place for themselves.
  • Removable Bassinets: You can remove the bassinets any time to convert it into a portable Playard.


  • Easy to fold and carry.
  • Perfect height.
  • Easy conversion.
  • Better breathability.
  • Perfectly comfortable.


  • Doesn’t have a changing table.

3. Simmons Kids By the Bed City Sleeper Bassinet for Twins

Simplicity, ease and comfort, are the three basic features that make any of the bassinets an ideal one for a baby. But what if it’s backed by some more impressive features? Simmons Twin City Sleeper Bassinet is something exactly like that.

This twin bassinet is made with a strong metal z-shaped frame with attached wheels. What will make it fall in love with the design is you can slip its base under your bed. This means you can reach your baby whenever you want while sleeping and the support below with your bed won’t let it get imbalanced as well.

Moreover, any mother that has breastfeeding babies or has gone through C-section can’t help appreciating the design. Because with the 5 adjustable heights of this bassinet, they can reach their baby without any effort. With the gliding motion, you can take it anywhere in the room more smoothly.

To keep the airflow just as the baby needs, it has mesh sides to ensure ventilation. So, if your babies are within the 0-5 months, then it can be at one of the safest places within its right-sized walls. But it’ll be better to give the babies a bigger place once they age more than 5 months.


  • Comfortable Mattress: This fantastic bassinet has the 1″ thick mattress to give your twins a cozier feeling. Moreover, the removable bassinet sheets are perfectly machine washable.
  • Ample Storage: Comes with large storage pockets big enough to accommodate burp clothes and other accessories like toys or pacifiers.
  • Durable Materials: It’s a perfect combination of metal, polyester and plastic, which has made it not only durable but also easy to clean at the same time.


  • Sturdy.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Comfortable.
  • Separate space for each baby.


  • Doesn’t have a canopy.

4. Baby Trend Go Lite Twins Nursery Center

Baby Trend probably has an allergy to the word ‘Common’. That’s why they always try to keep things out of the box. They’ve proved that belief with their Go Lite Twins Nursery Center once again.

Its full-sized bassinets have the most ideal space to hold your newborn superstars. Its aluminum frames make it so light that you can easily carry it around while your baby is on board. Moreover, you can change it anytime into a pack n play playard for the babies just within a minute.

With the two separable rock-a-bye bassinets, you’ll get canopies on each of them to save your babies from the sunlight. Along with that, it comes with a carry handle so that you can take your babies anytime, anywhere you want. Keeping no scope for the inconvenience on ventilation you’ll get to see mesh sides on both.

To hold your angels’ attention these bassinets have two toys and an electronic entertainment center. This entertainment center has functions like music, night light, and vibration. For ensuring more stability, Baby Trend has given it the Easy one-hand locking mechanism and wheels to keep the mobility convenient always.


  • Convertible into Rock-a-bye Bassinet: To give your babies a good nap time, you can easily convert it into Rock-a-bye Bassinet. All you need is just a few seconds to do that.
  • Flip Away Changing Table: To change the diaper of your babies anytime, it comes with a convenient flip away changing table.
  • Deluxe Parent Organizer: To have each and everything right by your reach, it has the deluxe parent organizer with the diaper stacker.


  • Foldable design.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Lightweight structure.
  • Perfectly breathable.
  • Easy to transport.


  • Bassinet’s bottom can’t be removed to wash.

5. JOOVY Room2 Twin Nursery Center

If you like things king size, then JOOVY Room2 Twin Nursery Center is probably what you’re looking for your twins as well. This spacious piece is capable of drawing anyone’s attention at the first glance and that’s not only with its design as there’s more to it.

What has made it unique is its exceptional functionality. It has kept two different types of arrangements for your babies. One, if you want two different bassinets for your twins, you can have it. Two, if you want to keep them in one you still can do it by removing the wall between two.

As the manufacturers of this amazing bassinet don’t want your hassles to grow more, they have given it the water-resistant surface. You can remove that any time to give it a wash and don’t worry about the quality as it’s of a better one. 

To let your baby have maximum comfort, Joovy has given it thick and durable padding. Another good thing about its ‘bigger than the regular’ size is, your babies will have more than enough space to get an uninterrupted nap.


  • High Capacity Changing Table: Unlike most of the common changing tables this one has a higher weight carrying capacity which is 25 pounds. 
  • Easy Conversion Process to Playpen: Once the babies grow bigger, by removing the bassinets, you can convert it into a play space for the babies.
  • One Large Bassinet: If you don’t want to keep the babies apart, you can just unzip the divider and make it one big bassinet.


  • Higher weight capacity.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Spacious.
  • Easy conversion process.


  • Requires more space.

Why Bassinets are a Good Option for Twins?

Every purchase needs the backup of a solid reason. But when it’s about your beautiful twins, the reason and importance both jump to a higher level. So, why should you buy a twin bassinet when you can choose any of the regular twin cribs for your newborns?

Let me help you with that and tell you some strong reasons that why getting a bassinet is a better option.

  • Portability

The first and most obvious reason to get a bassinet in the first place is that you can’t carry the crib everywhere. Moreover, carrying the babies in your arms all the time might get exhausting as well.

Bassinets will occupy less of your space and their lightweight nature won’t cause you much of a hassle to carry them around either.

  • Space

Though earlier I mentioned the space part as an advantage of bassinets, it actually tends to render more than it seems in the first place. According to child specialists, the parents should keep their newborns closer to them always.

But as most of the master bedrooms don’t contain much extra space, you need to think of something that’ll grab less of your room’s space. A twin bassinet is a perfect match for that segment.

  • Cheaper

Cribs are nothing as cheap as a bassinet. Moreover, in the initial days, you don’t even need a crib as they are too big for newborns. On the other hand, bassinets are both smaller and cheaper as the closest alternative.

How to Buy the Best Bassinets for Twins?

Every step a parent wants to take for their babies is something that they want to be perfect. So, they never think of giving their babies anything that’s less than the best, and that goes for the bassinets for twins as well. But in the case of twins, there’s a good scope of getting confused in the row of hundreds of products.

So, it’s important for you as a parent or a to-be one, that you make the best buy as you’re not going to repeat it any sooner. If you want that to happen, then you better start focusing on certain points that I’m about to share with you. Let’s check them out then?

  • Functionality

Never think of categorizing buying bassinets for your twins like any other regular accessories for your babies. The reason is required much more elaborated consideration on the functionality as it’s the first thing on your ‘Cross-check’ list.

It’s better to pick bassinets that have enough storage pockets to keep accessories together like diapers, milk, clothes, etc. You might not realize that when you’re at home. But you won’t be able to ignore that when you’re on a vacation with your twins.

Along with that, check out the other extra functionalities as well. Such as – there’re bassinets that have to change tables which are proved to be amazingly helpful when your babies need a diaper change.

  • Portability

Though it came second on my list, it’s probably the first thing any parent thinks of in the first place while looking for the perfect twin bassinet. So, ensure that you have the complete advantage of a portable bassinet, choose one that is lightweight, foldable, and has the option to carry around.

  • Weight Limit

Your babies are not going to stay stuck to their newborn size forever, right? Moreover, they’ll have a superb growth in weight as well. So, you better grab a twin bassinet that can handle a good amount of weight. Otherwise, you might have to look for a new bassinet once your babies cross the line of 10/12 pounds.

  • Conversion Time

These days the tendency of having multi-functional bassinets are growing among the parents. To be honest, I don’t see anything bad here. Actually, I consider that as a cost saver. You’ll see bassinets that can be converted into a rocker or a playpen.

What you need to check out is how much time does it require for the conversion process. If you want a quicker one, then get one.

  • Safety

In bassinets, construction is not the only thing you should be worried about. There’re two more facts you should never ignore while buying bassinets for your twins. Too soft mattresses aren’t something that I call appropriate for babies. So, try to make sure that they’re soft enough as per the age of your newborns.

Another aspect is highly essential in a bassinet is, it must be sweatproof. Newborns are of extremely delicate health and a sweaty surface can cause them some serious health issues.

  • Walls

There’s no way to underestimate the importance of breathability in a twin bassinet and the same goes for the structure. To ensure safety and maximize breathability, you need to choose something that can do both.

There’re bassinets that have stainless steel corners along with the mesh-like wall, which allows your twins to breathe effortlessly in any position. On the other hand, stainless steel keeps them safe and sound. 

  • Reviews & Ratings

Jumping to the conclusion on a twin bassinet on the basis of features only is not the end of the line. If you want to have a clear view of the performance of a bassinet for your twins, checking out the reviews on it from the actual users will make it comparatively easy for you to make a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is getting a twin bassinet without a mesh-wall a bad choice?

Basically, mesh walls ensure better breathability to the baby. You might see the best twin bassinets with lucrative design, the softest mattress, and probably tons of functionality. But I won’t call it the best one for your baby if it doesn’t have a mesh wall. If the one you’re buying doesn’t have one, then you better not let the baby sleep on it at an angle where the baby might feel suffocated.

What is the problem with the low weight carrying capacity of a twin bassinet?

Babies grow faster at an amazing pace. So, choosing a twin bassinet with a lower weight capacity might become useless once your baby crosses the weight capacity. So, the higher the capacity is, the longer it’ll remain useful.

Can twin bassinets be used as a replacement for twin cribs?

Yes, but for a short period of time. Actually, with the growth rate of the babies, after a certain period bassinet becomes less useful. Ultimately, you’ll have to shift over to twin cribs for your babies sooner or later.

Is twin bassinets safer for the babies?

Yes, but still you have to maintain constant attention over them. Once they get a little control over their muscles, it’s better if you let them stay less on the bassinets. As the bassinets don’t have much of the security with a moving baby, it’s better to get them a secured place like twin cribs.

After what age bassinets are considered as inappropriate for babies?

Most of the bassinets we see come with an age limit. It’s because after a certain age the physical neutrality decreases in a baby and they start moving. Keeping that in mind, a baby shouldn’t be kept in a bassinet after 6 months of age.

Final Say

Things are a bit more challenging in the case of twins if you compare it to having a single baby. You need to do and think most of the things with a little exceptionality. Remember, double stress comes for free with this double joy!

It might not always be possible to get everything in the right manner, but some things are surely within your reach. That includes getting your little stars the best bassinet for twins. I hope at the end of this article of mine you’re returning with a clear idea on every how, what, and whys on twin bassinet.

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