Best Bed For 3 Year Old 2021 Reviews- (Safe and Secure)

Best bed for 3 year old

Once children step into toddlerhood, they would need new sleeping arrangements. At this point, they become too mature for cribs. Hence, they need to shift to an appropriately sized toddler bed. What kind of toddler bed should a 3-year old have? We will answer that question and look at some of the best bed for 3 year old in our guide.

We have reviewed the countless best toddler beds to narrow down our selection to five. Of course, the build quality and long-lastingness have topped the list of our priorities. But, we have also considered affordability and good value for money. On top of that, aesthetic appearance has also been one of our prime concerns.

Best Bed for 3 Year Old: Our Top 5 Picks

1. Delta Children Plastic Toddler Bed

The Delta Children Plastic Toddler Bed offers a lot in terms of themes and designs. It also gives you the option to pick a toddler bed and mattress combo besides the usual bed frame offering. It is one of the best toddler beds for a 3-year old that will make your child’s transition to bed from crib as effortless as possible.

You get no less than 24 purchase choices while buying a Delta Children Plastic Toddler Bed. The assembly is fairly straightforward. It would only take you a matter of minutes to put the pieces together and give it its final shape. With a durable steel bed frame and plastic bed parts, this is a sturdy toddler bed that should last a few years.


  • Wide range of vibrant theme selection.
  • Available with mattress.
  • 2 attached guardrails to make sure your child doesn’t roll out of the toddler bed while sleeping.
  • Low to ground design so that children can access the toddler bed by themselves. 
  • Durable construction.


  • The holes in the headboard and footer do not align properly with the bolts.

2. Dream On Me Toddler Bed

Dream On Me Toddler Bed is an affordable toddler bed that you would often come across while browsing the best toddler bed reviews online. With two additional legs in the middle, it offers more support and stability than other bunk beds for 3-year-olds. This is one of the safest toddler bed you can buy for your precious one.

In terms of design variations, it has 10 different options to choose from. It gives you a wider selection pool to match the design of the crib your child had been using so far. Therefore, it would make it easier for the kids to adjust to their new sleeping habitat. Besides additional support legs, the right toddler bed meets all ASTM and CPSC safety standards.


  • Low toddler bed design so that children can easily get in and out of it.
  • Safety rails and two extra reinforced legs.
  • Simple toddler bed design with a solid wooden frame.
  • Latex, BPA, and lead-free construction.
  • Meets all ASTM and CPSC safety guidelines.


  • Not easy to assemble.

3. KidKraft Race Car Toddler Bed

Here’s another bed for three years old you can consider buying if you are looking for affordable toddler beds. The KidKraft Race Car Toddler Bed incorporates a race car design that your child would love to sleep in. It is compatible with most crib size mattresses. You can also purchase the KidKraft Toddler Bedding for a perfect fit.

If you are a mother concerned about toddler’s bed safety, you would be happy to discover that the sides of the bed are sufficiently high. This prevents your big kid from rolling out of the bed. As the bedding stays on the ground, your child can jump over it as much as he/she likes without the risk of breaking the toddler bed and falling on the ground.


  • Intriguing race car design.
  • Fits most standard crib mattress sizes.
  • The mattress extends to the ground. So, there are no weight limit restrictions.
  • Colorful artwork.
  • The raised sides serve as guardrails.


  • The holes do not line up correctly with the bolts.

4. Dream On Me Emma Convertible Toddler Bed [3-in-1]

Dream On Me Emma Convertible Toddler Bed has everything you would seek in the best beds for toddlers. It comes with a trademark design that can accommodate your child’s transition to bed from a crib with utmost convenience. It has four safety rails around the bed with two openings on either side.

Overall, the bed looks like two sofa chairs facing each other. The four reinforced legs in the middle give the bed unmatched stability. We would recommend using the Dream On Me toddler bedding for the best comfort, but you can choose to use other mattresses too. The bed can transform into two small sofa chairs and a table.


  • Unique 3-in-1 design. You would be getting a toddler bed, two sofa chairs, and a table for the price of one.
  • Low bed height for easier access.
  • Four safety rails and four additional support footers.
  • Free of harmful materials like BPA and latex.


  • Vague assembly instructions make it quite difficult to put together.

5. Delta Children Canton Toddler Bed

We will wrap up our list of the best bed for 3 year old list with Delta Children Canton Toddler Bed. Even though it is children’s furniture, it would fit seamlessly into any interior setting of a household. The design is mature and gorgeous, but it is also jovial enough to fit into a nursery. It will not seem out of place, no matter where you put it.

Design-wise, the child’s bed resembles a sleigh. This particular design attribute eradicates the need to contemplate the height of your child while choosing the bed. It has the right size to facilitate a growing child. The bed is incredibly sturdy and can handle your kids frequently jumping on it. It is very close to the floor, which enables little ones to effortlessly get in and out of it.


  • Fashionable design that appeals to both children and adults.
  • Long-lasting solid wood construction.
  • Low to the floor design for easier access.
  • Two guardrails for keeping your children from falling off the bed.
  • Elaborate instruction manual for easy assembly.


  • Might give out an unpleasant smell upon unboxing. However, it wears off after a few days.

How To Buy The Best Bed for 3 Year Old?

There are many factors that determine whether or not a bed is suitable for a toddler around the age of three. Here are the things to take into consideration while purchasing the best bed for three years old-

Bed Length

How tall is your 3 year old? This is a very important question to contemplate while shopping for a toddler bed. Even the best-rated toddler beds will be of no use to you if they don’t complement the physical size of your children. Therefore, the toddler bed height has to harmonize with your child’s height.

It is a good idea to look beyond beds that are strictly for three year olds. A slightly larger bed would be able to host your children past their toddler years. Or look for convertibles that transform to larger bed sizes and grows with your child. So, in our book, the best bed for 3 year olds are beds that are not specifically made for 3 year old children.

Getting a larger bed size will save you the trouble of getting another bed in the coming years. However, you should keep in mind that children would develop their own preferences at the age of six and seven. So, go for a bed that would be useful within this period. After that point, you should give your kids the chance to add a personal touch to their rooms.

Safety Measures

When you are putting your child to a bed from a crib, you are introducing him to a whole new world. Inside the crib, they had been sleeping in a confined space. So, when you place them in a bed, they revel in this newfound freedom. However, this increased range of motion could expose them to danger without proper safety measures.

Toddler bed height is one of the aspects to look at to minimize the risks. The lower the gap is between the bed and the floor, the lower would be the risk of your kids falling and injuring themselves. Also, there should be safety rails in the bed to stop your kid from falling in the first place.

Attractive Themes & Design

A bed is a new environment for toddlers. It would be easier for them to settle in if they can identify something they are already familiar with in these beds. So, you can pick a bed that comes with a popular children’s TV show or movie theme. Alternatively, you can look at bed designs that bear semblance to animals, cars, or other toys.

Making the bed an interesting place for the child is essential to make him/her cope with the new situation. And the best way to excite them about their sleeping place is to turn it into a place they can relate to fondly. That said, you should also be mindful of the fact that too many interactive elements and toys can keep your kids awake till late at night.

Does Your Mattress Fit In Perfectly?

You can always buy a new mattress that is a snug fit for the new bed you have bought for your 3 year old. But, if you are not keen on making a new investment in bedding, then check whether the standard crib mattress fits in it or not. Crib mattresses are suitable for most beds for three year olds. Nonetheless, that doesn’t guarantee that the one you are buying would do so too.

A mattress that doesn’t sit correctly in the bed and remains wiggled all the time can spawn a handful of dangerous situations. It could catch your child’s feet and make him trip over. His hands and legs might get stuck, and his toys might get lost in the mattress loop. If the toys get under the mattress, it could hurt your big kid when they roll over it.

Is The Bed Similar To The Crib Your Child Had Been Using?

This is not as mandatory to discover the best bed for three year old as the other things we had talked about thus far. But, it could still make a significant difference. The idea is that your child would feel more comfortable in a new bed that is similar in design to the crib he had been using. Most toddler beds reviews imply this.

The logic behind this is that children would not be able to easily differentiate between the new bed and the crib. So, the changeover would have minimal emotional stress on them. Let us reiterate, this is not a definitive case. Your children could fall in love with a bed that shares no similarities with their previous cribs whatsoever. But, a similar setting could be helpful.

Weight Limit

Last but not the least, the weight limit for toddler bed is also an aspect you can’t overlook. Top-rated toddler beds should be able to support the weight of your child. For 3 year olds, a weight limit of 50lbs would do. But, if you want to share the bed sometimes with your children then the weight limit should lie north of the 400lbs mark.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Average Bedtime For A 3 Year Old?

The amount of bedtime a child needs depends largely on his/her age and physical condition. In the first year, babies sleep 15 hours a day on average. Their sleep schedule gradually gets smaller as they grow older. From ages one to three, children usually sleep around 10 hours a day, even though doctors recommend they should get 14 hours of sleep daily.

When Should You Stop Using A Toddler Bed?

As long as your children fit comfortably in a toddler bed, there is no need to move on to a new bed. Some kids would almost get to middle school before they need a bed, while some would need an upgrade before they enroll in kindergartens. Not all kids have the same growth rate, so there is no specified age to leave toddler beds for a larger one.

That said, most kids move out of their toddler beds by the age of seven. Again, some kids can still use toddler beds at older ages. But, you can expect a change in furniture in your child’s bedroom after he/she is seven years old. The best bed for 3 year old should last until children outgrow it.

When Should I Give My Toddler A Pillow?

It is important to wait until the appropriate age before introducing pillows to toddlers. If you give your baby a pillow prematurely, it can hamper his/her natural sleeping position. The consequences for this could be as severe as SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) fatality. Therefore, you shouldn’t give your toddler a pillow before he/she is physically ready.

Your child needs to have adequate muscle development before they start using a pillow. The Consumer Product Safety Commission advises to wait until your baby turns 12-18 months old. Besides using the best toddler bed, it is imperative that you use the best toddler pillow with it. Otherwise, your children could suffer from acid reflux, colic, and other health problems.

Should I Buy A Toddler Bed Or Twin?

There is no way of universally saying that one of these is better than the other. You need to evaluate your personal situation and preferences to come up with the right choice. The best toddler beds have the same size as cribs, so they fit crib mattresses accurately. Twin beds would give your child more space, but you would need to buy a separate mattress for it.

So, if you feel like that your child needs more room, then a twin bed is the obvious go-to option for you. Otherwise, a toddler bed would be enough for you. You can’t really distinguish between the best toddler beds and best twin beds in terms of security. Hence, you are well off on that front with any one of these.

Finally, cost draws a more visible line between these two beds. Toddler beds are cheaper compared to a twin bed, and you can also use the old crib mattress in these. Twin beds are more expensive, and you have to buy a new mattress as well. So, toddler beds have a clear cost advantage over twin beds.

How Do I Get My 3 Year Old To Sleep In His/her Own Room?

Persuading your child into sleeping alone in his/her room could be difficult if they feel more comfortable sleeping in their parent’s beds. You can try making your child’s bedroom more “sleep-friendly” by creating a sober ambiance. You can do so by installing night lights in their rooms or using white noise. Stuffed animals could lend a helping hand too.

Instead of transferring them out of your bedroom permanently, trying a routine could prove to be a more effective solution. Assure them that they would be allowed to sleep with you the next day if they sleep alone in their rooms today. This would slowly make them habituated to sleep alone. And after a certain time, they would have no problem sleeping in their own bed.

Final Say

Hopefully, you would find our best bed for 3 year old article helpful if you have been looking for the right bed to buy for your 3 year old child. Keep an eye out for the factors we have mentioned here to pinpoint the best option for your child.

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