Best Easel For Toddlers in 2021 Reviews

Best Easel For Toddlers

Paint and drawing have proven to be a good way for children to express their creativity and it also helps to ensure that they grow up to be well-rounded individuals.

There are lots of educational and entertaining toys for toddlers in the market but an easel is the perfect way to make sure your child can express his creative side and improve his motor skills without messing the walls and floors of your home. But with so many options available for purchase, choosing the best easel for your child can be a daunting task.

This is why a review of the best easel for toddlers in the market is invaluable, and that is exactly the purpose of this article.

Choosing the right easel for your little one will definitely make creative learning as easy as possible.

5 Best Easel for ToddlersOur Top Picks

1. Melissa And Doug- Standing Easel for Toddlers

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel - Dry-Erase Board, Chalkboard, Paper Roller
8,546 Reviews
Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel - Dry-Erase Board, Chalkboard, Paper Roller
  • KIDS WOODEN STANDING ART EASEL: This art easel provides a creative, screen-free play option for children and includes dry-erase board, chalkboard, locking paper-roll holder, child-safe paper cutter, 4 easy-clip grips and 2 large plastic trays.
  • HELPS BUILD FINE MOTOR SKILLS: The dry erase board and chalkboard are perfect for building kids fine motor skills and proper pencil grip. The board surfaces of our wooden easel are the ideal practice surface for a child's first letters and words.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: This easel features a sturdy wooden frame, is easy to assemble, folds flat for storage, and is height adjustable. Certified Frustration-Free Packaging, with paper, paint, cups, paint brushes and chalk sold separately.

Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel is an easel guaranteed to give your child the art studio he’s been dreaming of. This double-sided easel makes painting and drawing fascinating. Purchasing this easel for your kid guarantees a total upgrade on his artistic lifestyle.

This easel has a dry erase board, a chalkboard, a locking paper roll holder, and also a child-safe paper cutter to help improve the artwork. Melissa and Doug is also equipped with 4 easy to clip grips that allow you to hold tightly papers to the board when drawing. The large plastic trays incorporated into this design can be detached when it is time for cleaning, to ensure proper cleaning.

The framing on this easel is another compelling feature as it was made from high-quality wood to enhance its sturdiness while your child is busy drawing on it. Putting this easel together can come as a piece of cake to you, so do not be surprised when you finish putting parts together in just a few minutes.

Compared to some easels, the Melissa and Doug easel comes with a nicely designed storage, where art materials can be accessed easily. Storing this easel is quite convenient as you can just fold easily; this also helps in increasing the life span of the product.

When you want to use paper on this easel, you can purchase an 18-inch paper for it, because it is the recommended size. You will also have to purchase a paintbrush, cups, and chalks. This shouldn’t come off as a problem because you can easily get these things from any paint shop or bookshop around.

Overall, the Melissa and Doug is the ideal easel for your child to experience the fun world of art and also improve on his already existing artistic skills.


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Improve your child’s artistic ability
  • Storage can be done neatly and conveniently
  • Easy to clean


  • Doesn’t come with extra accessories
  • Takes a lot of time to assemble

2. Little Partners- Double sided easel for toddlers

Little Partners 2-Sided A-Frame Art Easel with Chalk Board, Magnetic Dry Erase, Storage, Paper Feed and Accessories for Toddlers, Espresso
  • 3-IN-1 art easel with a two-sided design featuring both a chalkboard and magnetic whiteboard ideal for art projects as well as practicing writing skills and number learning.
  • 3-IN-1 art easel with a two-sided design featuring both a chalkboard and magnetic whiteboard ideal for art projects as well as practicing writing skills and number learning.
  • GREENGUARD GOLD – In addition to meeting all government safety standards, we go the extra step with Greenguard Gold Certification, contributing to cleaner indoor air and a healthier environment.

Most kids enjoy drawing imaginary objects or cartoon characters like Sponge Bob, Dora, or the popular Tom and Jerry, on paper. As a parent with such kids, you might want to heighten their creativity by purchasing a good easel like the Little Partner.

Little partners 2 sided frame art easel is an art material guaranteed to bring out the best of your little artist. As the name implies, it’s a 2 sided easel that has a chalkboard on one side and a magnetic dry erase board on the other.

Compared to most easels, this easel boasts of a number of vital art materials like hang on paper, dry erase markers, crayons, clips, and paints to give your child an exciting art experience.

The design on this easel is nothing but classic. It is high and quite sturdy. It is also made from high-quality wood and pine to ensure durability. This means your child gets to enjoy using this product for a really long time compared to some other ones made from low-quality material.

The storage shelves and fabric bins help to teach your child the act of organization, as he can store or keep all of his art materials within easy reach instead of leaving it scattered around on the floor.

The espresso finish that comes with Little Partners will give your child’s artwork the perfect finishing touch that would leave him feeling like one of the best and most talented artists out there today.

In conclusion, if you think your child needs a little upgrade, then the Little Partner is your best shot. Though it’s a bit expensive, it’s totally worth it!


  • Made of strong and quality wood
  • It is really versatile
  • Comes with tray and cup holder
  • Large storage bins and compartments
  • It is easy to clean


  • A bit expensive

3. Kidkraft- Wooden easel for toddlers

KidKraft Wooden Storage Easel with Dry Erase and Chalkboard Surfaces, Children's Art Furniture - Espresso, Gift for Ages 3+ 25.2 x 23.2 x 47.6
  • 3 sealable, spill-proof paint cups
  • Dry-erase and chalkboard surfaces
  • Removable storage bins for art supplies

When it comes to creativity, you can always count on Kidkraft 62043.0 storage easel to deliver at all times. This storage easel helps to groom your little artist in all aspects; buying this easel will definitely increase his creativity.

The framework design of this easel is of an assuring quality as it is quite sturdy and convenient to use. This easel is suitable for kids from the ages of 3-8.

Apart from being a double-faced easel, compared to most easels that painfully require you to first get a paper roll from a paint shop before you can fully start usage, Kidkraft comes with a removable paper roll. This is obviously a huge plus for you.

The bold espresso finish that comes with the easel is so cool that you would wish you had gotten it earlier for your little artist. It would leave your child feeling like a little Picasso or a Mary Cassatt.

The design of this easel also has two plastic trays incorporated into it; here your child can keep those pencils, erasers, paints, and other necessary drawing supplies within reach.

Apart from providing or giving your child a pleasant art-making experience, this easel also helps to teach your child how to stay organized.

Assembling this guy can be a bit difficult according to some customers who have used it. But others say you can be done assembling in about 30 minutes without encountering many difficulties. Hopefully, you should be able to do the setup without a hitch.

Kidkraft is a brand ready to give your child that artistic feeling and help him put his imagination into reality.


  • Made from solid and strong materials
  • Has an inviting design
  • Very versatile
  • Easy to assemble and safe to use


  • The clips do not hold papers tightly
  • Markers and chalks are not included

4. Step 2- Magnetic easel for toddlers

Step2 Easel for Two | Kids Double-Sided Art Easel with Magnetic Letters & Numbers | 94-Pc Accessory Set Included, Red, 42-1/2inx26-1/2inx22-3/4 I (885200)
  • Double the fun! Chalkboard on one side and magnetic dry erase board on the other
  • Folds flat for easy storage. Perfect for a closet, behind a door or under a bed
  • The bins are removable and wipe clean with soap and water

The Step 2 Easel for Two is the perfect art material to bring out the creativity in your kids. This easel is designed with a chalkboard and a dry erase board on each part. It plays a great role in encouraging bonding between siblings or friends as both kids can cling on to any part of the board they love.

At the base of the chalkboard, a deep tray and a pencil ledge is available for the safekeeping of paintbrushes, markers, chalks, and eraser within arms reach. Dry erasable markers can also be used on this board, but it is not included. This means when your child needs a dry erase marker, you’d have to buy it separately from a paint shop.

Like most easels, the Step 2 Easel has paper clips incorporated into its design for an improved art experience. The paper clips can be seen on each side for holding the paper.

When it comes to cleaning the easel bin, you can detach them easily from the board and take them out for proper cleaning. The materials used in constructing this easel are of extremely high quality, which means you do not have to bother about durability because a lot has been done to improve it.

Though Painting materials are not included in this product, your kid will still be able to achieve a lot with it. This easel is suitable for kids from age 3-8 and it comes in two colors – red and pink. So when next you get to the market, you can check out its exclusive design and make a purchase.


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Dry erase board comes with 77 letters/ numbers
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean


  • Does not come with additional art materials.

5. Hape Award Winning- Paint easel for toddlers

Award Winning Hape All-in-One Wooden Kid's Art Easel with Paper Roll and Accessories Cream, L: 18.9, W: 15.9, H: 41.8 inch
  • ALL-IN-1 ART TOY: Double sided easel with blackboard, magnetic whiteboard and paper roll on top
  • IDEAL FOR CRAFTS: Perfect for painting, writing, or drawing
  • REFILLABLE DRAWING PAPER: Refillable Paper roll attached at the top for quick and easy reach

The Hape Award Winning Wooden Easel is a multifunctional easel that has won the Oppenheim toy portfolio gold seal award for being a fan favorite; thanks to its numerous outstanding features.

This easel is made from durable and high-quality wood that is painted with a non-toxic finish. With such a strong body construction, this easel is easily one of the toughest and safest easels available today.

It boasts of two water-resistant surfaces that are pretty easy to clean; one of the surfaces is a magnetic whiteboard while the other is an easy to wipe chalkboard that allows your child to create some of the best drawings and paintings.

Some special screw-down clamps are provided to securely hold your artwork properly while drawing. It also has a dual-purpose drip tray that ensures that there is little or no paint drippage on the floors while painting.

This dual-purpose drip tray also serves as a storage space for pencils, erasers, paints, paintbrushes, and any other necessary art materials. The awesome easel also comes with a detachable and replaceable paper roll as well as three paint pots to make painting as easy as possible.

It is pretty easy to assemble and can easily be folded and neatly put into storage. The only real disadvantage of this easel is its need for a special sized paper, which is only supplied by the company. Besides this, the Hape Wooden Easel remains a pretty good option.

It has adjustable legs that you can either increase or decrease to match the height of your child. The wood used in making this easel is gotten from a forest managed by the FSC; so you can rely on its quality.

Considering all its bells and whistles, the Hape Wooden Kids Art Easel is easily one of the best easels money can buy.


  • Made from non-toxic materials that are safe for children
  • Long-lasting wooden construction
  • Quality water-resistant chalkboard and dry erase board
  • Comes with extra accessories
  • Adjustable to fit the height of your child
  • Easy to assemble


  • Requires special size papers only from the manufacturers

6. Us Art Supply- Kids drawing easel

US Art Supply Cardiff Children's Art Activity Easel with Easel Paper Roll, 2 Large Storage Bins and Now 6 No-Spill Child's Paint Cups and Lids
  • A versatile quality wooden children's double-sided art activity A-frame easel with a chalkboard, dry erase board and a full roll of 18" paper and a built-in paper holder, 6 no-spill paint cups, 2 shelf trays and 2 extra large storage bins.
  • It's a fun activity easel that's a great tool for children and toddler's to learn how to paint, draw, write, sketch and more! Children will unleash their creativity, as this easel allows the young aspiring artists to develop their fine motor skills.
  • Has one shelf tray for storage and the second shelf tray includes 6 no-spill paint cups to prevent spills and splatters while painting. Also includes 2 extra large storage bins for keeping chalk, erasers, paint, brushes, pencils, markers, and other essential art supplies within easy reach.

The US Art Supply Cardiff Children Art Activity Easel is a top-quality easel made from extremely durable pinewood which ensuring that it is very sturdy and very durable. With a chalkboard on one side and a dry erase board on the other, this easel gives your kid different artistic options.

He can choose to paint or draw pictures on any side or he can share the space with a sibling or friend. Interestingly, there is a well-hidden paper roll that can conveniently feed papers into either side of the easel.

The easel requires you to buy your drawing supplies from a paint shop separately but provides you with 6 paint cups that do not spill; thanks to the follow-along top. Two rather large bins help to hold art supplies like pencils and crayons.

Two large storage trays are also incorporated into its design; these trays are located on each side of the easel to keep paints and markers within arms reach. With this easel, your child will get to paint and draw with every one of his materials neatly organized and represented.

Another amazing feature of this easel is its ability to convert into a table easel; this means your child can be able to sit and draw. This easel can also be adjusted to fit the height of your child; thanks to its adjustable legs that can go up to 54 from 46 inches.

The US art supply Cardiff made the list of fan favorites, because of how easy it is to assemble even for persons with little experience. All you have to do is read through the manual and you will be done in no time.

The only real drawback of this product is its price which is pretty steep when compared to other easels in the same category. But with high quality and smart design, it might be worth even more. In other words, this product is worth your investment and you can expect to get the best value for your money.


  • Pine wood material makes it really strong and sturdy
  • It is multifunctional
  • Quite easy to assemble


  • The paper hold is not very tight
  • Markers and chalks are not included

7. Battop- Double sided easel for kids

BATTOP Easel for Kids,Adjustable Double Sided Toddlers Art Easel for Two,Chalkboard and Magnetic Dry Erase Board with Painting Accessories
  • Adjustable art easel, legs allow you to change the height to suit different age needs.
  • Double sided kids easel, a chalkboard on one side and a magnetic dry erase board on the other.
  • A big tray to hold all the important accessories and keep paint, magnet stickers, Markers, chalk and erasers handy.

The Battop double sided kids painting easel is an excellent choice if you are looking for a well-priced easel that guarantees your child a fun painting, drawing or sketching experience.

It comes with two extra-large boards, a white marker board, and a chalkboard. They are both magnetic and do not require much maintenance, as cleaning can be done with minimal effort.

An accessory set is provided along with two green dust cups on each side to help keep your drawing area clean. Two large storage trays are also provided to help properly store pencils, brushes, erasers, paints, and any other painting materials.

Paper holding cups are also available on either side to hold up practically any sized paper for your child to draw or paint, therefore eliminating the need for a paper roll.

Another remarkable feature of this easel is the adjustable legs. The legs can be adjusted to suit the height of your child as he grows. Unlike many other brands, the recommended age for these easels is 2 and above.

It will also interest you to know that this easel is made from high-quality wood material that is safe for the environment. When it comes to putting this easel together, it can be a breeze as you can be done in about 20 minutes following the instructions closely.

The only real demerit of this easel is the fact that it doesn’t fold. This means it will be very difficult to put into storage as it would take up more space.  Besides this, the Bat top Kids Easel will make an awesome choice especially if you are looking for a good quality easel that will not cause your arm and leg.


  • Boards are easy to clean
  • It has adjustable legs
  • Made from very strong materials
  • Comes with paper roll attachment


  • Doesn’t fold into storage
  • Trays are pretty difficult to insert

8. Us Art Supply- Flip over easel for children

U.S. Art Supply Flip-Over Children's Double-Sided Paint and Drawing Art Easel Board with Chalkboard, Dry Erase Board, Paper Roll, 3 Storage Bins, 5 No-Spill Cups, Chalk - Kids Toddlers Write Have Fun
  • A versatile quality wooden children's double-sided art activity flip easel with a chalkboard, dry erase board and a paper holder with a full roll of 18" paper and 4 clips to hold paper in place plus a pack of chalk and an eraser.
  • It's a fun activity easel that's a great tool for children and toddler's to learn how to paint, draw, write, sketch and more! Children will unleash their creativity, as this easel allows the young aspiring artists to develop their fine motor skills.
  • The shelf tray has 5 no-spill paint cups to prevent spills and splatters while the children enjoy painting. Includes 3 large storage bins and a shelf tray for keeping chalk, erasers, paint, brushes, pencils, markers, and other essential art supplies within easy reach.

The US art supply flip over children’s paint and drawing easel introduces a unique design that comes with just everything your child needs to be a perfect little artist.

This artist easel, like every other easels, is 2 sided easel but its unique design allows you to just flip over when you feel like changing boards instead of moving over to the other side. It comes with a chalkboard and a dry erase board as well.

Since it is a flip over, it has a one wood shelf for keeping drawing and painting supplies like paintbrushes, pencils, crayons, erasers, and any other necessary painting & drawing materials.

Compared to most counterparts, this easel is equipped with all the necessary art supplies. This means you get to use this easel right out of the box as you do not have to rush to a bookshop to get papers, chalks, chalkboard erasers, and dry board erasers as well for your child.

Its storage bins included in this package are very large and they can be used to store useful drawing supplies like paints, chalks, erasers, etc. These storing bins also help to keep your things organized and ready for use every time.

The 5 no-drip paint bottle containers help to ensure that the floor does not get messy from paint spills. This is a total upgrade when it comes to cleaning, as there will be little or no effort required when cleaning it.

The US art supply flip-over easel is made from high-quality wooden material with a non-toxic finish to promote durability. Assembling this easel is quite easy, all you have to do is read through the provided instruction manual and you are done in minutes. Weighing just 12 pounds, this is one of the best easels available today.


  • Flip over design makes using this easel much easy
  • Comes with all the necessary art supplies
  • Non-toxic finish promotes durability of the wood.
  • Easy to assemble


  • A bit expensive

9. Delta Children Disney Wooden Double Sided Easel

Delta Children Wooden Double-Sided Kids Easel with Storage -Ideal for Arts & Crafts, Homeschooling and More, Disney Minnie Mouse - Greenguard Gold Certified, Drawing
  • AGE RANGE: Recommended for ages 3+ | Great easel for all your child’s arts and crafts projects | Ideal for homeschooling and remote learning
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: This Minnie Mouse Easel for kids includes a chalkboard surface, magnetic dry-erase surface and two storage bins | 2-sided design is great for siblings or friends
  • LONG-LASTING DESIGN: Constructed from strong wood and fabric bins

This Minnie mouse themed easel is sure to excite your child’s imagination and help to create some of the best drawings and paintings he or she will ever make.

The Delta children Disney wooden art easel is made by the Delta children company. This company is the largest family-owned company in the world when it comes to making or manufacturing quality furniture for children.

This particular product is designed with two sides; one side has an easy to erase dry surface magnetic white marker board while the other side has a chalkboard. This easel ensures children can have much fun as they draw, sketch, paint or just simply play around on either of the boards.

A really cute and inviting image of Minnie mouse is perfectly located at the top of the easel. This is sure to make it your Minnie mouse loving child’s favorite play center. Character puzzle and magnetic alphabets are also available to help improve your child’s reading and reasoning skills.

Two conveniently placed fabric bins on either sides of the easel are provided so your child can neatly and efficiently store markers, chalk, paint, other art materials and even toys.

Assembling this easel is pretty easy as it only requires minimal effort and you’ll be done in minutes. Thanks to its quality wood, this product is really sturdy, strong and very durable, which means your do not need to worry about it breaking up over time.

The only real disadvantage of this Easel is its lack of adjustable legs. This effectively makes it unable to match the height of your child as he or she grows over time.

Aside this, the Delta children Disney wooden double-sided Easel has proven to be one of the best easels around; thanks to its outstanding features and its ability to guarantee your child’s safety.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Perfect for a Disney fan
  • Big basket makes storage of artistic tools easy


  • Doesn’t have adjustable legs

10. Melissa And Doug- Kids table top easel

Melissa & Doug Double-Sided Magnetic Tabletop Art Easel - Dry-Erase Board and Chalkboard
  • BUILT-IN PAPER ROLL: This tabletop easel includes a dry-erase board and chalkboard, a built-in wooden paper roll holder, a 50-foot-long paper roll, dry-erase marker, 5 pieces of colored chalk, an eraser, and 36 letter and number magnets.
  • STURDY WOODEN CONSTRUCTION: The Melissa & Doug Deluxe Double-Sided Tabletop Easel is a sturdy and durable dry-erase board/chalkboard for kids ages 3 and up. It’s made from high-quality wood that folds flat for easy storage.
  • PROMOTES CREATIVE PLAY: Our tabletop easel for kids is a magnetic dry-erase board on one side and a chalkboard on the other. The 42-piece set stimulates imaginations and inspires hours of hands-on, screen-free play.

If you are that parent with an artistic child and you are looking to get him started on his artistic journey, then the Melissa and Doug tabletop easel is what you need. Buying this easel for your child guarantees utmost improvement on his artistic visions.

Like other double sided easels, the Melissa and Doug Easel provides your kids with more artistic options. He can either choose to draw or paint depending on the one that appeals most to him.

This easel is also equipped with a dry erasable marker, 5 pieces of colored chalk and 36 letters and number magnets to promote not only your child’s artistic skills but educational and motor skills as well.

The table top easel is suitable for kids from age 3 to 8. It also has a mini storage bin where your art supplies like crayons, erasers and pencils can be kept.

The wood used in making this easel is of very high quality, this means the durability of this product cannot be questioned as it can last for a long period of time.

The unique way of storing this easel is similar to that of the Melissa and Doug standing art easel, all you have to do is fold and keep it neatly in storage to prevent any form of damage.


  • Paper attachment and paper roll included
  • Comes with a dry erase marker and five colored set of chalk
  • Includes magnetic letters, numbers and markers
  • 2 sided for chalkboard and whiteboard accessibility


  • Quality of the chalkboard is poor
  • Not very sturdy might need some form of assistance

Things to Consider While Shopping An Easel for Toddlers

With so many easel options available in the market, buying the perfect one for your child can turn out to be a very difficult task. That is why we have provided you with a list of some key features that will enable you find the best for you and your child.


The durability of a product is one of the most important features parents should put into consideration before purchasing any item.

When it comes to shopping for easels, durability is a major factor as you can end up wasting a lot of money on a low-quality material that won’t stand the test of time. So it is always advisable to check out the material the easel is made of.

Easels can be made of either wood or plastic. While plastic is portable, it might not be sturdy. On the other hand, a wooden easel is sturdy and strong but it is also very heavy. The weight shouldn’t be a problem as you do not always need to move the easel.

Storage Space

Having enough space to store painting and drawing tools is also very important, as it helps keep the room neat and tidy. So before purchasing an easel, check out for its storage space whether it is large enough to keep important materials like markers pencils, erasers, paint brushes, etc.

Most easels have storage incorporated into its design, but the size of the storage also depends on the brand.


A versatile easel can be used for both drawing and painting, which ultimately leaves your kid with more artistic options. For a parent who has a child that loves painting and drawing, it is really important to get a double-sided easel.

And even if your child only enjoys painting or drawing, it is still a good idea to buy a 2 sided easel. This will give him a greater chance to experiment and try new ways of expressing his creativity.


When buying an easel, it is important to buy a good one that requires little or no effort when cleaning it. So it’s always recommended that you go for an easel that has removable parts, so that all you really have to do is remove and clean properly.

Height/Age of Your Child

The height of your child should be put into adequate consideration before buying an easel. Most children easels are always from the ages 3-8. However, your child might just be that very short 6-year old or 3 year-old.

So the best option for you is to buy an adjustable easel, to fit perfectly with the child’s height. As your child grows, you can keep adjusting it to match his height.

Extra Materials

Easels that come with interesting art materials like magnetic alphabet or numbers, erasers or paper rolls are always better than normal options because they provide everything you child needs and even more.

The ones that do not come with extra materials always leave you running to a bookshop or a paint shop to get more materials; this can be very stressful.


When purchasing an easel, you should look out for one that is pocket friendly and would suit the needs of your child. You don’t have to break the bank to get the best quality products.

Luckily, the items above are some of the best you will find in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all easels require assembling?

Not all easels require assembling. The ones that do might require a few light-duty hand tools to put them together.

Do all easels come with extra art supplies?

Most manufacturers tend to add bonus items such as papers, brushes, erasers or paints of different colors to their product. But this is not always the case.

Are replacement parts available for a faulty easel?

Most manufacturers do not sell individual parts, but you can always buy a separate set.

How difficult is it to clean an easel?

Cleaning an easel is generally easy, but there are still some that may prove difficult. Hopefully, such easels are not featured here.

Do all easels come with storage space?

Not every easel is manufactured with storage, but you will still be able to find a well-priced easel that provides enough storage space for safely storing and organizing your child’s brushes, paints, erasers, pencils, and artwork among others.


If your child is showing a growing interest in drawing or painting, you can encourage him by providing how he will be able to express this budding talent. Getting the right materials will go a long way to do this.

We strongly believe that an easel is the perfect tool to kick off with. A good easel will guarantee years of creative drawing and painting experiences for your child.

Hopefully, with a review of the best easel for toddlers in the market, you should be able to pick a good fit for your kiddo. Happy drawing to the next Picasso or Mary Cassatt!

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