Best Glider for Small Nursery in 2021- Narrow Nursery Gliders!

Best Glider for Small Nursery

Are you awaiting the arrival of your new child? If so, let us congratulate you and also let you know why you can’t do without the best glider for small nursery. When it comes to small nursery chairs, there is no short of options. But, which ones are the best for you?

First of all, why would you need to use a small nursing chair? Even if you have sufficient space in your nursery, it would be a smart choice to go for chairs that take up minimal space. In doing so, you would be freeing up space to fit in other fussy baby essentials.

Now, let us answer the next question-why would you need a compact nursery glider? Why can’t you just use a traditional standstill chair? Kids love the smooth gliding motion of gliders, aka rocking chairs. It would be easier to settle your kid down in a glider than other chairs.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best nursery gliders for small space. We will also talk about the dos and don’ts of buying the most comfortable gliders for baby’s nursery.

What attributes do you need to look at in modern nursery gliders? We have covered it all.

Best Glider for Small Nursery: Our Top 10 Picks

How To Buy The Best Glider for Small Nursery?

The outside aesthetics of a glider will not matter much if it doesn’t provide the level of comfort and utility you have been longing for. Keep an eye on these factors to make sure you make a worthy investment-


The glider you choose has to give you adequate neck support and comfort. Gliders for the baby’s room should have sufficient backrest height to cover your full body. This particular detail will pay dividends during late-night feeding sessions.

Build Quality

Like any other thing you buy, you would want the nursery glider to last a while. So, look at the materials and construction of the glider. The best glider for a small baby’s nursery should last long enough to come in handy when you welcome another child in the future.

Easily Washable

Good luck trying to keep things when you have a baby around. Babies and muck are almost synonymous. Since the nursery glider will be mostly used for the baby, it would be a huge help if the glider is easy to clean. Pick gliders with removable and washing machine-friendly covers.

Armrest Length

Armrest length is a defining aspect of comfort. When you are feeding your baby or trying to blow off some steam, you would love to lay your arms on a spacious and comfortably padded armrest.

Easy to Get In and Out Of

Best gliders for nursery should never compromise your mobility. If you have trouble getting in and out of it, it would cause a lot of problems. For example, your child could abruptly wake up if you struggle to get out of the high quality chair and transfer him/her to the crib.

Value for Money

Gliders vary in prices. You can find some in ridiculously low prices, while some would cost you a fortune. To find an affordable nursery glider, research the market and see what it has to offer within your desired price bracket.

Noise Free

Some gliders for small spaces tend to make a squeaking noise while rocking. This is a huge no-no for gliders you intend to use in a nursery. Even the faintest of noise could disrupt your child’s sleep. So, make sure the chair is noise-free.

Check Reviews

Buying top rated nursery gliders is the safest bet you can make. Before buying a small traditional rocking chair for nursery, check online what previous users had to say about it. This will give you better insight as a customer.

Know Your Priorities

Comfort is a relative thing. So, you have to know for sure what you want in your nursery chair. Do you emphasize lumbar support? Should you go for a recliner? Or, perhaps an Ottoman is more up your alley? The answers to these questions depend on individual preference.

Best Nursery Gliders for Small Space Reviews

1. Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman

Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman is a lifesaver for moms who have above-average heights. There can’t be anything more uncomfortable than squeezing yourself to fit in a chair. It is impossible to stay in such a situation for extended periods. This particular chair has taller head and neck support than most chairs, which is a deal-breaker for taller moms.

Despite targeting customers with larger body frames, this chair is one of the best gliders for a small nursery.  Even with the included ottoman, it doesn’t occupy a sizable chunk of space in the nursery. It is not the smallest one on our list, but it will not be an overwhelming presence in a small nursery either.

Your entire upper torso will have complete head and neck support in this chair. The armrests come heavily padded to keep you comfy all the time. The ottoman will let you stretch your legs, and the added lumbar support pillow is just what you need to keep back pain at bay. The polyester cover is quite durable, not to mention comfortable.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Detachable lumbar support pillow.
  • Ottoman.
  • Easy to put together.
  • Sturdy ball bearings to provide effortless gliding for years to come.


  • Some components are unnecessarily exposed and might cause minor injuries.

2. Delta Nursery Glider Swivel Rocker Chair

Next up in our best glider for small nursery review is the Delta Nursery Glider Swivel Rocker. It is one of the best swivel glider for nursery that comes in a budget. It is also available in three different color tones (charcoal, taupe, and cream) to complement the setting of any nursery.

The armrest of the glider is padded thoroughly. The backrest height is not the highest you would come across. But, the 22-inch seat-to-backrest height should be enough for anyone around five feet seven or five feet eight. The cushions are removable so that they can be washed. The microfiber fabric is very easy to clean.

The assembly is quite self-explanatory. You complete it without any help in less than 10 minutes. The steel mechanisms in the glider guarantee soundless movement for years. The construction is praiseworthy, to say the least. It has been crafted using recyclable material, which represents the manufacturer’s commitment to saving the environment.


  • Smooth gliding without irritating noises.
  • Heavily cushioned armrests.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Easy to wash removable seat cushion.
  • Made of eco-friendly materials.


  • Not suitable for taller users.

3. Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner

If you are in the hunt for the most comfortable nursery glider, then Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner deserves a shout out. It is one of the best nursery recliner you will find in the current market. The surplus cushioning paired up with swiveling and reclining features account for a glider that prioritizes your comfort above all. 

This glider offers nearly everything you would ask for in an ideal nursery chair. The small glider recliner fluidly makes 360-degree turns and reclines at comfortable angles simultaneously. This is a chair that will make you truly feel at home regardless of the surrounding conditions. The spring-core seat gives you a level of tranquility that is hard to top.

The out-of-the-ordinary backrest design is not only soothing to the eye, it boosts the ergonomics of the overall unit. It emanates the vibe of a button tufted sofa, which is a rarity in nursery gliders. It is so sleek that you can consider it as a living room furniture besides nursery room applications.  There is also a retractable footrest.


  • Comfortable armrests.
  • Both glides and reclines.
  • Posh appearance.
  • Spring neck support underneath the seat cushion.
  • Simple base and bottom assembly.


  • Once extended, the footrest is difficult to retract.

4. Windsor Glider and Ottoman

When you search for certain key attributes in a glider, you would often find the right combination in expensive models. But, is it worth breaking the bank to buy a glider? Windsor Glider and Ottoman is one of the best baby gliders you can buy without having to shell out an outrageous amount of money.

This glider comes with a modest price tag, but it gives out the look of a far pricier model. You would have no trouble spending all day in this chair, thanks to the impressive cushioning throughout. Of course, this covers the armrests too. When you are holding your baby or taking a break, your hands will remain cozy.

The enclosed metal bearings have the responsibility to make gliding as smooth as you can imagine. This is one of the best wooden gliders for nursery that can give you an astounding level of stability. The ottoman helps your back to relax even better. It also rocks with the glider, so that your rocking experience remains intact.


  • Affordable price.
  • Storage compartments to keep your phone and other stuffs.
  • Thick cushioning.
  • Ottoman rocks with the glider.
  • Sturdy wooden frame.


  • The cover is not machine washable.

5. Dutailier SLEIGH Glider Recline with Ottoman

Dutailier has been producing some of the best gliders for small nursery over the last four decades. Dutailier SLEIGH Glider Recline with Ottoman is a modern nursery glider from the acclaimed Canadian brand that has both gliding and reclining properties.

The locking mechanism in the glider is a thoughtful inclusion. You can lock the position of the chair so that it stops gliding when you want it to. You can also recline the backrest by 45 degrees so that you can lay back and have a more bed-like feeling. The backrest height can support body heights up to 6 feet.

The concealed ball bearings provide a seamless gliding experience. You will notice no irksome squeals. The chair glides smoothly in utter silence. To save you the trouble of assembly, the chair ships pre-assembled. All you need to do is place the cushions and screw in four screws. The seat cushions have the ideal density to deliver comfort without sagging.


  • Both glides and reclines.
  • Locking system.
  • Suitable for tall persons.
  • Maximum weight support of 250lbs.
  • Durable hardwood frame.


  • Can be quite expensive.

6. Graco Parker Glider

The best glider for small nursery is not necessarily the best small nursing chair. Some gliders would hit all the right boxes, but would still deliver lackluster breastfeeding experiences. A nursing chair requires some over the top features. Graco Parker Glider walks the extra mile to become the ultimate nursing chair.

So, what special features are we talking about? For the most comfortable nursing experience, you would expect some extra comfort from the chair. That is why Graco Parker Glider comes with broader armrests and more cushioning. There is also a nursing tool, which puts the finishing touch in a perfect breastfeeding journey.

You can bring out the nursing stool when you want from the ottoman. When you don’t, you can easily push it back. All of the chairs we have conversed about here have generous paddings and high armrests. But, this chair outdoes all of them. There is even more padding, and the armrest is higher. All this comes in real handy when you breastfeed your baby at odd hours in the night.


  • Specialized for breastfeeding.
  • Microfiber cushions for better comfort and washability.
  • Retractable nursing stool.
  • Semi upholstered nursery glider.
  • High armrests.


  • The weight capacity does not complement the height of the glider.

7. DaVinci Olive Swivel Glider

DaVinci Olive Swivel Glider is for moms with a smaller physique. It is closer to the ground and provides excellent back support. The bonus lumbar pillow adds to the relaxation offered by this unit. This is a compact nursing chair that blissfully combines utility and comfort.

It is one of the top nursery gliders that offers the functionality of swiveling. If you want to reach an object sideways or behind, you can do that without leaving the chair. The manufacturers have pre-assembled the chair to spare you the trouble of having to do it yourself. You can put it in the nursery as soon as you unbox it.

The swiveling components lie hidden underneath the seat. This rules out inquisitive children from getting hurt and also saves your fingers when you are absent-mindedly running your fingers below the chair. The chair boasts a Greenguard Gold Certification for its non-toxic materials. It also meets flammability safety standards.


  • Smooth 360-degree swiveling action.
  • Extra lumbar support.
  • No assembly required.
  • Ottoman.
  • Greenguard Gold certification.


  • Makes low squeals while swiveling and rocking.

8. Leatherette Glider Recliner with Matching Ottoman

If you want to consider leather gliders for nursery, then you can take a look at Leatherette Glider Recliner with Matching Ottoman. In terms of the price range, this chair belongs to the affordable gilders for nursery category. So, if you are on a tight budget, you can get good value for your money by buying it.

The glider, accompanied by an equally gorgeous ottoman, gives the look of a premium chair. You can expect to rest comfortably in it for a long time, thanks to its rich padding and top of the line upholstery. Besides the nursery, you can use it in the study, in the TV room, or even in front of your gaming rig.

It does not come pre-assembled, but it requires minimal effort to construct its full shape. Just put in a few screws here and there, and you are done! The welded parts in the glider are completely functional and durable. The smooth gliding is fluid and the reclining is effortless as well. The locking mechanism involves a side handle, which is easily accessible.


  • Affordable.
  • High-quality padding.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Glides and reclines.
  • Leather upholstery.


  • The manufacturers did not specify the weight limitation.

9. Delta Children Emerson Nursery Glider Swivel Rocker Chair

Our search for affordable nursery gliders takes us next to the Delta Children Emerson Nursery Glider Swivel Rocker Chair. It is an exquisite piece of nursery furniture complete with plush paddings and a long-lasting body. The tufted upholstery makes it a modern adaptation of the classic nursery chair.

This chair is the perfect choice for mothers who are looking to impose a dash of style in their nurseries, without sacrificing productivity and safety. Modern mommas feel the urge to strike a balance between fashion and functionality. Realizing that, Delta has brought forward this versatile and glamorous glider.

Despite being a small glider nursery rocking chair, it accommodates commodious seating. However, the backrest might be a bit short for those whose heights surpass the five feet seven mark. The plain sailing gliding offered by this chair will put your little one to sleep in a jiffy. The ultra-soft cover durable fabric elevates the chair’s comfort level to an unprecedented degree.


  • Effortless swiveling.
  • Gorgeous design.
  • Thick padding.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Heavy-duty construction.


  • Not the best pick for taller parents.

10. Naomi Home Brisbane Glider and Ottoman Set

The final entry in our best glider for small nursery list is Naomi Home Brisbane Glider and Ottoman Set. If you are in the market for a compact glider chair, then it is hard to overlook what this marvelous chair has to offer. With a width of only 25.75 inches, this is one of the narrowest chairs you will come across.

If saving space is your topmost priority, then you will have a hard time finding a better chair than this. It features a solid timber frame that would stay as polished as new after years of use. You can choose the color tone of the wooden frame, besides customizing the color and design of the polyurethane foam covering.

Setting up the chair is the simplest DIY challenge you will ever face. You spot clean the foam whenever you want. There are side pockets below the armrest, which adds to the functionality of the chair. You can keep your phone and other accessories there. You can also keep your child’s favorite toys in these pockets so that you can reach them instantly.


  • Saves space.
  • Available in different color tones and designs.
  • Light and dark timber colors.
  • Simple assembly.
  • Storage pocket.


  • Might tip over when you lean towards a side with full body weight.

The Importance of Nursery Chairs for Small Rooms

Why do you need to put so much thought into building the perfect nursery seating arrangement? It is important because you will be spending a lot of time in the nursery with the newborn. So, whether you nurse your baby, put him to sleep, or try to relax yourself listening to podcasts or reading a book a comfy nursery rocking chair for nursery would prove to be more than useful.

Moreover, your child would find the back and forth gliding motion of a glider quite soothing. So, the best glider for small nursery would help your baby fall asleep faster and sleep better. So, baby room gliders would help you accomplish the daunting task of putting your kids to sleep and allow you to get some shut-eye for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you get a glider for nursery?

A small glider chair in your nursery can make breastfeeding easier than ever. When you are a new mother, you are still learning the ropes of breastfeeding. So, you would need to be able to put your sole concentration on that. Worrying about which chair to sit on should not be something you should be worrying about in this situation.

A small glider rocker can make your breastfeeding experiences as soothing as possible. You can relieve your full body weight on it and gently sway to the up and down gliding motion of the chair. Your baby also finds this comforting. Therefore, you should get one of the top-rated gliders for nursery.

Is a glider or rocker better for nursery?

Before answering that question, we must clarify the difference between a rocker and a glider. The similarity these chairs share is that both of these can move. However, the difference lies in the manner they move. In simpler terms, nursery rocking chairs move with more intensity than gliders. While this relies mostly on preference, we would say gliders are a superior nursery choice.

The higher intensity of movement might disturb your child instead of pacifying him/her. Besides, rockers are larger than gliders. So, we believe they are more suited for living rooms rather than nurseries. Gliders are more convenient in a nursery since the movement is subtle, and they are compact in size.

How do I choose a nursery glider?

The first thing you should be looking at while choosing a small nursery glider is the cushioning. It has to have the right density and softness. Remember, you would spend hours sitting in this. So, you have to be 100% convinced that it can keep you comfortable throughout. A lumbar support pillow is a welcome accessory to have.

When we say “soft”, we don’t necessarily mean “the softer, the better”. The last thing you would want is to sink deep into the chair and battle your way out of it. It has to strike the right balance between firmness and suppleness. Saving space is a crucial aspect, but the glider should be wide enough to accommodate free movement.

Moreover, the glider cover needs to be of a wash-friendly material. When babies are involved, there is no chance of avoiding a mess. So, the glider cover durable fabric should be able to handle frequent washing. Overall, the glider has to be durable so that it lasts you at least a couple of years. If all of these factors check out, then you got the best modern nursery glider.

Is rocking a baby to sleep bad?

Rocking babies to sleep has been an age-old tradition that still prevails in modern society. But what does science tell us about it? Are we unknowingly pushing our toddlers’ health towards peril? Studies revealed no harmful side effects of this practice. It is a healthy sleep association ritual for children that allows them to sleep better.

Can I use a rocking chair while pregnant?

Using a rocking chair could be beneficial to a pregnant woman in so many ways. The movement is good for fetus development. It serves as a form of exercise which keeps the fetus healthy. Rocking can improve blood circulation and muscle strength. Therefore, it can avoid or alleviate varicose vein pain during pregnancy.

How much space do you need for a glider?

The key selling point of a glider as a nursery item is its compactness. Small nursery gliders themselves will take up around a foot of space in your nursery. But, you need to have some free space around it to facilitate its range of motion. Two feet of additional area in both in front and back should get you covered. So, in total, you should need five feet of space to set up a best nursery glider.

Do I need a chair in nursery?

Many mothers make a makeshift arrangement instead of buying nursery chairs. As a mother, you need to take care of your body so that you can take care of your precious one. A nursery-oriented chair makes nursing far less stressful and allows you to rest with comfort. So, you should install a chair in the nursery.

Final Words

To identify the best glider for small nursery, we have looked at price, functionality, size, and design. We have tried to cover all angles so that every parent can find what they are looking for. Therefore, we are confident that you will discover the best nursery glider for you in our list.

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