Best Lightweight Stroller For Travel in 2021

Best Lightweight Stroller For Travel

If you do not have the ideal lightweight stroller, you might end up going on a trip without one. This can be a major form of inconvenience especially when you are trying quickly to navigate a crowd or walk the streets in an area unknown to you. Purchasing the best lightweight stroller for travel will make baby care a lot easier as it can fold into a compact shape and fit perfectly into your car trunk while still leaving much room for your luggage.

Using a lightweight stroller will help alleviate or cut down on stress encountered while traveling without a lightweight stroller. With a lightweight stroller, your kid’s safety cannot be questioned while navigating.

They come with useful storage spaces for keeping those baby accessories, and some strollers allow your little one to enjoy a quiet nap.

Best Lightweight Stroller For Travel

We know traveling with kids cannot be overly perfect; our review of the best lightweight strollers will guide you in picking the very best stroller for you.

Anyway, without wasting much of your time, let’s delve in the best lightweight stroller reviews.

1. Summer Infant 3d Lite Convenience Stroller Review

Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller, Black (Silver Frame)
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – A lightweight stroller makes any outing a little easier. The Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller has a durable aluminum frame that weighs just 13 pounds and has a large seat area, plus anti-shock front wheels and lockable rear wheels.
  • FOR TRAVEL AND EVERYDAY – Whether you’re traveling or just on the go running everyday errands, having a lightweight, compact stroller is a must. With this one easy to use stroller, you’ll have both an everyday and travel stroller option.
  • 4-POSITION RECLINE – Keep your little one comfortable and safe at all times with the 4 position recline and 5 point safety harness. Maximum weight and height of child for this toddler stroller: 50 pounds and 43 inches.

If you are someone who puts weight into great consideration, then the summer infant 3d lightweight is the perfect choice for you. The stroller is considered the best lightweight stroller available today.

It’s just 7 lbs, and this is because its frame is built from aluminum. With this stroller, one can never go wrong because of its portability. If you are a frequent traveler, then we suggest you hurry up to purchase this stroller.

Safety is a factor that must be put into consideration whenever you are shopping for a stroller; this is why it is highly recommended to pick units that guarantee you utmost comfort regarding your baby’s safety.

The 3d Light Convenience Stroller comes equipped with a small adjustable canopy to help safeguard your baby from sunlight. The adjustable canopy comes with a pop-out sun visor to block UV-A and UV-B rays.

Its 5-point harness system helps keep your baby in a protected position whenever you are pushing the stroller.

In addition to the aforementioned features, the unit hosts 42-inch handlebars uniquely crafted with heat resistance contoured foam. This ensures you a strong, handy grip compared to strollers with plastic handlebars.

More so, this stroller is not dependent on height; it suits practically anyone. This unit is equipped with a storage basket. We know that’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

It offers a decently sized basket that provides you with adequate room to keep important things like diapers, bottles, etc. Another amazing feature to look out for is the back pocket where valuables like keys, wallets, and phones can be safely kept.

A lot of prominences were put on the wheel design to promote firmness and ease of movement. With 4 sets of 2 hard rubber wheels, a front-wheel suspension, your baby gets smooth rides even on rough surfaces.

Apart from this, the wheel also integrates an anti-shock feature to promote safety at all times. The cup holder and threefold style is a feature we cannot forget in a hurry.

For that coffee mum, you may plan to take a drink along especially when getting the baby for a stroll on Summer days. With this stroller, you don’t have to worry as it is incorporated with a very stable detachable cup holder.

Since the cup holder is detachable, you can place it on either side of the edge. The unit has a brilliant fold style which requires you to use your two hands. Your foot might also be needed.


  • The stroller is pocket-friendly, which means it’s very affordable
  • Exceptionally lightweight and portable
  • Comes with a very spacious seat for your baby’s comfort
  • Recline-able to multiple positions to promote convenience
  • Offers an ample space for storage


  • Few complaints of very small canopy
  • Difficult to use the stroller fan in hot weather

2. Zoe Xl1 Best V2 Lightweight Travel Stroller Review

The Tour+ (Zoe XL1) - Best Everyday Single Stroller with Umbrella - Tandem Capable - UPF 50+ - Lightweight
206 Reviews
The Tour+ (Zoe XL1) - Best Everyday Single Stroller with Umbrella - Tandem Capable - UPF 50+ - Lightweight
  • COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT – This high-grade convenience stroller for newborns weighs only 11lbs, is Disney approved, fits in a backpack, and can be easily folded. The one-hand fold makes it super-compact in seconds.
  • CONVENIENT – Keep snacks and drinks where you need them with a snack holder and cup holder for them, and a detachable cup holder for you. The elastic storage basket can carry even a large diaper bag.
  • HUGE CANOPY – Your child can relax in UPF 50+ luxury with an industry best 4-panel canopy, a wide padded seat, a deep recline, a padded adjustable leg rest, a belly bar, and secure color-matching harness strap covers.

Weighing just 11 pounds, the Zoe xl1 best v2 is a super lightweight stroller that comes with a large umbrella to shade your child from direct sun rays.

Compared to other conventional baby strollers, the Zoe XL1 is a breeze to assemble. All you have to do is snap its rollerballs into the edge and bingo! It is ready for use.

This stroller boasts wheels that are at least 50% larger than its predecessor. Its 6 ¼ inches rear wheel and 5⅜ inches front wheels can handle tougher terrains with ease. It slides truly smooth while you push it one-handed. The only terrain that the stroller has a weak point on is loose gravel.

Despite its lightweight, you will find this stroller pretty sturdy. The handlebar is about 40.25 inches tall which is suitable for just any height.

Another interesting feature of the Best v2 is that it comes with countless accessories. This combines a kid, parent, and chow cup holder, and belly bar. Littler babies love holding on to this bar, while elder babies feel extremely overjoyed having it within arm’s reach.

Its rear shade comes with a pocket where you can keep your keys, wallets, phone, etc. The basket incorporated on this stroller isn’t the biggest and strongest, as it was constructed from mesh. Luckily, it provides space to fit a diaper bag.

Its handlebar padding seems quite impressive. Plus, the sunshade is incorporated with a mesh peekaboo hole, and the seat and harness of the model are other great features. This seat is pretty tall and accommodates children up to 50 pounds.

A tall 4-year-old baby will still have about 2 to 3 inches between its head and the umbrella. The harness is nicely padded and extremely stress-free to adjust.

Reclining the seat felt like a piece of cake with its maximum recline at 165 degrees. This indicates the seat to be “okay” for babies aged six months and upwards. Therefore, it is not suitable for newborns.

Most parents encounter stress when they are folding strollers, but rest assured, with this stroller, folding can be done easily with just one hand. All you are required to do is yank up its lightweight seat handle.

Nonetheless, the stroller is not equipped with a standup fold. So, it won’t help to keep the fabric clean, though this is not a registered problem by customers.

The foot brakes are located above each rear wheel and are extremely easy to engage. However, you must push the brakes down all the way to fully engage it.


  • Relatively lightweight and great maneuverability
  • Quite easy to fold
  • Comes with extra accessories
  • A breeze to assemble
  • Enormous canopy


  • Not suitable for babies below 6 months
  • Brakes only become active after two clicks. This can be a problem to parents who are used to immediate brake system
  • Not equipped with a standing fold, this can affect durability

3. Pockit Lightweight Stroller Review

gb Pockit Air All Terrain Ultra Compact Lightweight Travel Stroller with Breathable Fabric in Night Blue , 28x17.5x39.8 Inch (Pack of 1)
  • The revolutionary ultra-compact folding mechanism of the Pockit Air All-Terrain reduces the stroller into a handbag-shaped package in seconds and is airplane hand luggage compliant.
  • Take to the skies with confidence. The ultra-compact folding mechanism of the Pockit Air All-Terrain is airplane hand luggage compliant, freeing you to travel with your stroller without hassle
  • Weighing only 4.6 kg, the Pockit Air All-Terrain is the perfect travel companion. Its super-lightweight frame is easy to manoeuvre, lift and carry. Perfect for the city, on vacation, or just being on the go.

If you are a traveling mum or one that likes hitting shopping malls with a baby, a compatible and lightweight stroller is definitely the best option for you.

The small, lightweight, and portable GB pockit stroller guarantees nothing but utmost comfort for your child. This stroller has a conventional baby seat suitable for babies aged six months and upwards.

The backrest is not thick or fully upright; this means it’s not a 90-degree angle. This, therefore, makes it only perfect for babies who sit unassisted or toddlers who like to sit straight. This stroller is also not equipped with a calf rest or a footrest either.

With its weight capacity of just 55 lbs, you get a length-adjustable torso. This makes the stroller perfect for older kids.

The GB pockit seat does not recline; this makes it only perfect for babies that hardly take naps or babies that can nap while sitting. Its seat comes with a modifiable 5-point harness, so the straps can be fastened or loosened.

Its shoulder and crotch straps are nicely padded to enhance comfort, everything about the seat is well presented and very soft. The fabric can be removed without difficulty when it comes to washing; this is indeed a huge advantage.

The stroller comes with a small canopy that resembles a really flat hood. So it fails to guard your baby from direct sunlight and from both sides. This is a major con of this stroller.

However, if you are already drawn to the sweet designs of this stroller, and you want something similar or better, you can purchase the GB pockit plus.

This stroller is designed with four dual wheels about 4.5 inches, but durability is not a problem of these wheels. The front wheels swivel at 360 degrees which makes maneuvering a piece of cake.

These wheels can also be locked to enhance stability in sloppy or uneven terrains. Taking these wheels on rough terrains is not really advised, as it doesn’t come with suspension, which means there will be no shock absorption.

In other words, this stroller is designed for smooth and flat surfaces or indoor use, so it’s not ideal for gravel or cobblestone. The stroller comes with a rear-wheel parking brake operated by foot, and the pedal can be seen between the right rear wheels.

The brake is very small, so it’s sometimes hard to set or release especially when you are wearing sandals. This compact lightweight stroller comes with two handles allowing one-hand-pushing, thus making it stress-free to steer and maneuver. However, this stroller is only ideal for parents who are a bit short and average in height.

Since this stroller is meant for mostly travels, its storage basket is not very big with just 11 lbs weight capacity which can accommodate a little diaper bag.

Highlighting its compact design, the small size of this stroller makes it impeccable for your visits to malls. So you will feel quite relaxed going through crowded places. The weight of this stroller can be compared to that of a piece of paperboard; all thanks to its aluminum frame weighing only 9.5 lbs.

The ultra-compact fold size at 11.8 inches x 7 inches x 13.8 inches is what makes it the best choice for parents. For 2014 world records, this stroller has been recorded in the Guinness book as the world’s most compact stroller.


  • Ultra-compact fold makes it ideal for parents who travel with their kids
  • Quite easy to put into storage
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Suitable for older kids
  • Seat fabric can be removed for washing
  • Great maneuverability


  • It doesn’t recline. Therefore it’s not suitable for napping babies
  • Folding and unfolding can be very stressful for beginners
  • Wheels of 4.5 inches suitable for mainly flat terrains
  • Not suitable for parents over 6ft height
  • Canopy not big enough to shade your child from sun

4. Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller Review

Kolcraft - Cloud Plus Lightweight Easy Fold Compact Travel Baby Stroller - Slate Grey
9,363 Reviews
Kolcraft - Cloud Plus Lightweight Easy Fold Compact Travel Baby Stroller - Slate Grey
  • LIGHTWEIGHT -- Travel friendly lightweight design (only 11.8 lbs), perfect for traveling and day trips. Disney Size Approved!The assembled dimensions are 17.6 x 29.9 x 41.7 inches
  • EXTENDED CANOPY -- Three-tier, extended canopy for maximum UV protection. A peek-a-boo window so you can easily keep a watchful eye on your baby.
  • EASY ONE-HAND FOLD -- Convenient one-hand and self-standing fold, perfect for car travel and vacations. Folded Dimensions: 18" W x 12" d x 34" h. All-terrain wheels and front suspension for a smooth ride

If you are looking for a lightweight and sturdy stroller, then you might want to consider the Kolcraft Plus.

At just 11.8 pounds, this stroller is one of the lightest options you will find in the market. It comes with an easy fold system that makes it very easy to open and fold.

Once folded, the kolcraft stroller has a standalone feature, which means you are not required to put it away after disassembling the stroller.

Unlike most strollers, the kolcraft design is fit for children from newborn to early elementary school. It comes with a five-point harness that can be shifted to a three-point harness when your child is old enough.

It is quite easy to adjust to the size of your child, and suitable for children weighing up to 50 lbs.

This stroller also provides an excellent recline option that comes with a toggle on the back. The strap is pulled up all the way across to sit upright and then you can loosen the strap when you get the perfect angle for your child. It doesn’t lay flat completely, but has a good recline for naps and rests.

This stroller has an extra-large canopy that comes with an additional piece that can fold down for extra coverage on very sunny days. The wheel design has two wheels for the front position to guarantee your child a smooth ride, even when you are on the phone with one hand.

Most people relate lightweight to unstableness, but this is not the case when it comes to this stroller. The brake system is extremely secure and helps to hold the stroller firmly in place with just a simple click of your foot.

Like most conventional strollers, this stroller comes with a roomy basket to create space for valuables. Though it is not as large as full-size strollers, it is decently sized. The handles are well padded, and it comes with a parent tray that is not very big but enough to hold your coffee cup, cell phone, and keys.

Moving this stroller is quite easy, as you can be busy on a call or drinking coffee with one hand and using the other hand to push with ease.


  • Higher weight capacity than many known lightweight strollers
  • Seat is screwed into the frame, this makes it very durable
  • Extendable canopy provides enough protection against sunlight
  • Can easily be folded with one hand
  • Three and five harnesses for safety of infant and toddlers
  • Comes in different colors like slate, fire red and fuchsia for either gender


  • Cup holders on parents tray are very narrow
  • For a child to get into the stroller without help, the snack tray needs to be removed completely
  • The seat doesn’t come off, hence cleaning is difficult

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5. Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller Onyx Reviews

Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller | Compact Travel Stroller | Lightweight Baby Stroller with Backpack-Style Carry Bag, Perfect for Travel, Onyx
  • Easy and compact portable stroller features a one hand quick fold; auto lock locks the fold for transportation or storage
  • Multi position near flat recline; the canopy stroller includes a UV 50 plus sun canopy with canopy extension and peek a boo window; stroller seat features 5 point harness
  • Folding stroller fits neatly into the backpack style carry bag, included with stroller; convenient under seat storage basket provides space for baby's extras

A bulky stroller can make traveling with babies and toddlers very stressful. However, a compact and lightweight stroller will allow more maneuverability, which can make your journey easier.

The Baby Jogger City Tour stroller is the ideal choice for you in terms of weight and ease as it is compact and relatively lightweight at 14lbs. It comes with a compact fold and is constructed from highly durable materials.

Compared to most baby strollers, this stroller is quite a breeze to fold. However, folding cannot be done without a bit of effort. This guy can be folded with just one hand, and it comes with a lock to hold everything in place. But on the downside, this stroller can’t stand on its own when folded.

After folding, it can fit easily into the trunk of your car; it also folds so small that you can take it in an airplane as a carry-on. When it comes to maneuverability, this stroller likes to show off. It is quite easy to swivel this stroller over surfaces even while using just one hand!

Its wheels are lightweight and constructed from rubber, but they manage to roll in sloppy surfaces like grass or gravel without being shaky. This can be credited to the extra suspension on the front tires.

The front wheels can be put in lock mode to roll in uniformly, this makes it easier to handle rougher terrains, and the brakes are quite easy to engage and release by simply using a small pedal beside the right rear tire. Its seat reclines, and the leg rest is one of the most compelling features of this stroller, many customers have attested to this.

The simple adjustable strap behind the seat provides you with all the options for reclining to whatever angle is comfortable for your cute baby. Its maximum recline is a little deep but not totally flat. This, therefore, makes it one of the best napping strollers you can get.

This stroller comes with a non-adjustable leg rest that could be a cause of anxiety if your child needs to lie fully flat to be able to sleep. The canopy on this stroller comes at a fairly reasonable size.

It extends out easily when more coverage is required and tucks away when not needed. It has an ultraviolet 50+ coating for those very sunny days.

A Peekaboo window which is very necessary to constantly keep an eye on your child is also available on this stroller. It opens and closes without making much noise, which is very good so you won’t wake a sleeping baby.

On a rainy day, this stroller is not really ideal as its fabric is not water-resistant, you’d probably need to get rain covers to use it in such situations.

This super stroller comes with an easy-to-access basket with a maximum weight limit of 15 pounds, which is definitely unique compared to most lightweight strollers. It also comes with an extra storage pocket at the rear side of the seat with a weight capacity of 2 pounds, which is ideal for wallets and phones.

Also included is an additional zippered pocket located at the rear side of the storage basket to keep the stroller’s carry bag.

City Tour has a five-point harness system that is quite secure and easy to use; it also comes with triple options with regards to the height of the shoulder strap. The shoulder straps are fully and well-padded to promote the comfort of your child.

In conclusion, cleaning this stroller can actually pass off as a play. All you need to do is detach the seat fabric and throw it into a washing machine. When you are done washing, hang on the frame and allow it to dry in natural air.


  • Easy and quick folding, can be done with just one hand
  • Compact and can be taken on most airplanes as carry-on
  • Small size allows it to fit perfectly in your trunk
  • Comes with a large canopy with UV protection
  • Easy to engage simple action brakes
  • Package includes a travel bag


  • Handlebar cannot be adjusted
  • Not suitable for parents over 6ft height
  • Not compatible with infant car seat
  • Apart from travel bag, other accessories need to be purchased separately

6. Babyzen YOYO + Stroller Review

Babyzen YOYO+ Stroller - Black
  • Includes reversible backrest, carrying strap, rain cover, under seat storage basket, travel bag
  • Airline certified size of a carry-on bag
  • Folds/unfolds & drives with one handed ease

The Babyzen yoyo plus is an outstanding lightweight stroller that has a compact design. With a lightweight of just 13.6lbs, carrying this stroller shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Most people think that a small looking stroller cannot guarantee their child’s safety, so they opt for a bigger one. But this is not the case with the Babyzen. It’s a very sturdy stroller that is quite solid as well with a frame built from improved quality, light, and durable aluminum.

The seat size is quite compelling, as in most compact strollers, the seats are not very roomy. Despite its compact design, its roomy seat is 14 inches wide with 18 inches sit back and.

Plus, it has an overall measurement of 26 inches from the rear side of the seat to the top of the canopy. Know that 26 inches is a very tall canopy compared to most strollers that have it at just 24 inches.

It comes with a deep recline that doesn’t leave it completely flat, which is enough for a child to take a quiet and comfortable nap. The seat recline operates by a strap system that needs two hands to recline it. You will also need both hands to bring the seat back up.

The Babyzen upright seat is suitable for children from 6 months and upwards with a weight of 40lbs. You get a large canopy for proper protection from the sun on very sunny days and a rain cover on those rainy days.

It also comes with an opening in the back which allows for great airflow on hot days, all you have to do is lift the rear canopy. The adjustable five-point harness system of this stroller comes with a center-release buckle.

Like most strollers, this stroller also includes a storage pocket where small items like keys, cellphones, wallet or a mini purse can be kept. Compared to its predecessors, babyzen yoyo comes with a 60% larger basket to satisfy customers immensely. It can be used to store a large diaper bag or some baby essentials.

Interestingly, the stroller wheels are made from high-quality rubber which includes a front swivel that cannot be put on lock mode. It is vital to note that this stroller performs exceptionally well on smooth surfaces only so that it will lag a great deal on rough terrains.

For the brakes, it has a pedal in the back between the rears that you push to engage the brakes; unlocking it is a breeze.

Babyzen is recognized greatly for its compact design; you can fold it with just one hand while holding your baby on the other hand. When folded, it can fit perfectly into an overhead luggage compartment. It also comes with a carry strap that can be used to carry it over your shoulder.

As earlier mentioned, this stroller is suitable for babies of 6 months and upwards, but if you desire to use this stroller for a newborn, then you can purchase a baby cocoon that can be attached to this stroller.

On a concluding note, this stroller can be converted into a travel system by purchasing an infant seat. There are some seats in the market that are compatible with this stroller.


  • Relative lay
  • Comes with a liftable canopy
  • Rain cover included
  • Easy to fold using just one hand
  • Has a storage pocket and storage basket


  • Expensive
  • Reclining is quite difficult as you will need both hands to recline
  • Front wheels cannot be put in the lock mode

7. Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller Review

Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller, Black
358 Reviews
Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller, Black
  • Infant car seat ready ; no need to purchase additional adapters and now has a soft shell cocoon carrycot available (sold separately) for newborns
  • New, narrower compact size at just Dimension - 12 x 22 x 20 inches (Folded) with 44 lb. weight capacity and suitable for children up to 4 years
  • Easy two-step, compact fold meets regulations for airline carryon luggage. Travel bag and shoulder strap included

The Mountain buggy nano stroller is an outstanding lightweight stroller that has gained the trust of customers over the years. It comes with a lot of excellent features that offer great value for your money.

Starting with its size, it weighs just 13lbs which makes it extremely easy to carry about. The canopy design is just too beautiful, not to mention the fact that it provides enough coverage. This stroller is perfect for toddlers from 6 months upwards and offers a safe height limit.

There is a leg rest that can be adjusted as your baby grows to give great comfort. This stroller also comes with multi-reclining seats for those toddlers who like to take naps during rides.

To lower or raise the seats, all you need to do is put the straps at the rear side of the seats, which is a very easy task. Although the main seat doesn’t completely go flat, it goes down enough for a comfortable snooze.

Above the seat, there is a mesh window that opens the way for great airflow and closes with Velcro. You can open it for improved ventilation doing hot sunny days or cover it during colder days.

Apart from the mesh window, it doesn’t have a Peek-a-boo window like most strollers. But the mesh can be very useful! The seat comes with a five-point harness that unbuckles in two steps. All you need do is push the red buttons and then press the buckle.

Unlike most lightweight strollers that are specially designed for older babies, the mountain nano offers a two seating option that makes it suitable for newborns. The stroller can easily be turned into a travel system set, without purchasing any additional adapters for it!

It comes with an onboard adapter for car seats. Its two lifting handles allow for easy transport of baby from stroller to home. The Buggy Nano has 5.5 inches wheels; the front ones are swiveling and can be locked straight for improved and easy maneuverability on tough and difficult terrains.

With its wheels locked, you can go over grass or gravel without encountering too many bumps. The brakes take effect upon immediate engagement, and it comes with color indicators which makes it super easy to operate.

This stroller has a handlebar at a fixed height that is very convenient for parents that are 5 inches to 6.3 inches tall. For taller parents, this might be a problem.

When it comes to folding, Nano is just the right choice as it was specially designed for parents who often travel with their children and need a stroller that is compact, quick to fold, and portable.

Folding this stroller involves two very simple steps; it requires two hands and a little practice. Once you get used to it, it becomes a breeze. After folding there is an automatic lock that simplifies storage and transport. When folded, its dimensions are 12 inches x 22 inches x 20 inches.

Nano is definitely a good stroller with its many interesting features!


  • Usable for newborns by using a cocoon Carrycot
  • Compact design allows it to find its way into a trunk
  • Main seat comes with an adjustable leg rest
  • Wheels can handle tough terrains to some extent
  • The brakes are easy to engage
  • Relatively lightweight


  • Canopy not too big
  • Doesn’t come with a peekaboo window
  • No extra pocket for parents accessories
  • Folding cannot be done using one hand

8. Besrey Airplane Stroller Review

besrey Travel Stroller, Lightweight Baby Stroller with Reclining Seatback, Foldable Compact Stroller for Airplane, Infant Stroller with UV Protection Canopy 5-Point Safety Harness Fit for 0-3 Years
814 Reviews
besrey Travel Stroller, Lightweight Baby Stroller with Reclining Seatback, Foldable Compact Stroller for Airplane, Infant Stroller with UV Protection Canopy 5-Point Safety Harness Fit for 0-3 Years
  • ✈️【Lightweight Stroller for Travel】 Weighing only 12 lbs, besrey travel stroller makes any outing more easier! With a durable aluminum frame, it’s both an everyday and travel baby stroller perfect for babies from birth to 36 months.
  • ✈️【Multi-Position Reclining Seat Design】 Infant folding stroller with multi-position reclining padded seatback, which keep your little one comfortable, adjustable from 112° to 160°, to give your baby soothing nap-time while on the go.
  • ✈️【Easy-to-Maneuver】 The portable stroller with 360-degree swivel go-anywhere wheels offer a smooth ride and maximum flexibility, while lockable front wheels allow going on rough terrain; one-step rear ensures both safety and convenience.

The besrey airplane stroller has been uniquely designed for traveling. It’s a lightweight stroller weighing just 10.8 lbs which is one of the most recommended options for lightweight travel strollers. Its lightweight can be attributed to the choice of aluminum for constructing the frame which makes it compact and sturdy.

This stroller is not suitable for newborn babies; it is only ideal for kids of about 6 months to 36 months of age. The compact design of this stroller cannot be overlooked, as it can fold down to a very small size. It also comes with a travel bag which looks exactly like a carry-on bag.

Compared to most travel strollers, this one comes with a detachable handlebar that can be used to hold your baby or put your baby out.

The only drawback reported from customers in this stroller is the inability to recline and therefore making it almost not suitable for napping babies. The main reason why this stroller was designed without recline was to promote the strength of the backrest and improve safety and comfort.

A large canopy to shelter kids from the sun is also included with the stroller. This canopy is constructed with high-quality catatonic fabric material that can be adjusted to different positions to provide adequate coverage for your child.

Like other lightweight strollers, this stroller is equipped with a large storage basket that can be used to carry baby essentials like a diaper bag, toys, water bottle, etc.

It comes with swiveling front wheels that can turn 360 degrees when they are not locked. But when they are, they maintain the same position and this is very good when it comes to tougher terrains to improve maneuverability.

Besrey is also equipped with a double brake designed from EVA material, and it is located by the feet of the rear wheel; engaging this brake is quite easy.

In conclusion, the Besrey airplane stroller is a nice compact travel buddy that finds its way easily into an airplane’s overhead compartment. This stroller comes in three different colors, so you are free to choose the one that matches your style.


  • Lightweight and compact to fit into airplane overhead compartment
  • Comes with a pretty large basket
  • Canopy built from high-quality fabric and it’s adjustable
  • One click folding system
  • Swiveling wheels that can turn 360 degrees


  • This stroller doesn’t recline
  • Is a bit expensive

9. Uppababy G-Lite Stroller Review

UPPAbaby G-LITE Stroller, Jake (Black)
  • 2017 G-LITE model
  • Hand-level folding triggers - no foot action required
  • Extendable SPF 50+ sunshade

The Uppababy G-lite Stroller is a lightweight stroller that weighs just 11lbs and yet is quite sturdy. The frame is constructed from strong but thin aluminum oval tubing.

This stroller is designed for babies from 6 months of age upwards, which means this stroller is not suitable for newborns. Designed with a seat of about 13 inches wide, the comfort of your big kid is assured.

The seat fabric doesn’t absorb too much stain and when you need to wash it; all you need to do is detach the seat pad and throw into a washing machine.

G-Lite’s seat does not recline, so for that napping baby, I would suggest you opt for another stroller. The 5-point harness can be adjusted every time to fit your growing pumpkin. The buckle is very easy for adults, but it can be a problem when it comes to little ones.

The extended SPF 50+ sun canopy with a silver visor helps to protect your child from direct sunlight. The canopy can be adjusted or pushed to block any angle of the sun.

The stroller incorporates front swivel wheels which can be locked to improve stability and maneuverability on tough terrains and a rear wheel with a brake pad in between.

Most customers tend to doubt the durability of this wheel, but trust me; at 4½ inches, the wheels are quite durable and equipped with shock-absorbing suspension. The brakes are very easy to engage in, and many parents have attested to this.

One of the main features customers look out for when purchasing a lightweight stroller is its compact design. Herein, folding the stroller is a breeze. All it requires is a trigger from one of your hands. This is extremely helpful especially when navigating in crowded places or while in transit.

After folding this cute stroller, it stands on its own with the help of a little stand next to the wheels. If after folding, you just want to carry it, then the shoulder strap will make it very easy!

The Uppababy g-lite does not come with a huge storage basket, but this is not a major problem, as the easy access storage basket can carry important baby accessories like a diaper bag and some toys.

It is also equipped with a rear mesh pocket for more storage space. Plus, a detachable cup holder attachment can be placed in any side you see fit.


  • Relatively lightweight and sturdy
  • Compact and folds easily
  • Comes with ergonomic handles
  • Seat fabric does not attract too much stain
  • It comes with an extended SPF 50 sun canopy with a silver visor


  • Storage basket is not very big
  • The seat does not recline, which makes it less suitable for napping babies
  • It doesn’t come with a storage bag, you have to purchase it separately

10. JOOVY Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller Reviews

JOOVY New Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller, Charcoal
514 Reviews
JOOVY New Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller, Charcoal
  • Your child can nap from newborn to 55 lbs. in a near-flat recline
  • Technical Specs : Open dimensions: 32 L x 19.75 W x 42.50 H , Folded dimensions: 43.75 L x 14 W x 10 H (all dimensions are in inches )
  • 2 cup holders and zippered storage pocket. The maximum height of a child the product is designed to carry is 44 inches

As the name implies, the JOOVY ultralight umbrella is a lightweight umbrella stroller weighing just 15lbs. The UPF panels that come with the stroller ensure your toddler is well protected from harmful sun rays.

The seat is about 14 inches wide with 18 inches backrest and an overall measurement of 27 inches from the back of the seat to the top of the canopy, the canopy is very tall and will fit perfectly the tallest toddler.

The seat is also very wide, and this is a huge upgrade, as it’s perfect for cold seasons when kids are wearing thick clothes. Joovy groove comes with a one-hand strap recline system that is almost flat; a position suitable for newborns.

Compared to most strollers, this stroller is a better fit for newborns, all you need to do is use an infant insert to promote extra support. The seat comes with two straps that require pulling at the same time while lifting the rear part of the seat. This can be done easily with a little baby, but with an older baby, it might be difficult.

The seat is perfect for both newborns and toddlers as long as they don’t weigh more than 55 pounds. The fabrics are soft to touch and water-resistant with an adjustable non-padded 5-point harness that requires medium strength to release the buckle.

Unfortunately, because it is non-padded, most customers don’t see it fit for their newborn or toddler.It will also interest you to know that the Joovy Groove also features a mesh cover which might not be obvious.

This cover forms a layer beneath the seat to ensure the kid doesn’t slide out.  And in case it gets too windy, closure might be attached for more sturdiness. The stroller is also equipped with an adjustable leg rest with up and down position.

The tall handlebar is located at 42.5 inches from the base, this is a total upgrade for tall parents, and there is enough room for your feet to avoid kicking against the wheel. A mesh cup holder, as well as a storage pocket to store valuables like phones and keys, are also included.

Its decently sized basket can fit a medium size diaper bag and any other lightweight baby accessory with overall ease. The wheel diameter is 6″, which is good enough for a baby stroller.

Though this stroller is uniquely designed for flat surfaces, it can tackle some grass, cobblestone or gravel. You can put the swiveling front wheels in lock mode for increased maneuverability.

Its wheels with suspension are a major feature to look out for in umbrella strollers. The brakes are located at the rear part of the wheel; all you need to do is lock each wheel respectively.

Every parent wants to know how compact a stroller is before finally purchasing it. Luckily, this stroller is designed to meet those needs. It has a typical compact fold and comes with an automatic lock and a standing fold. A shoulder strap is also included to make carrying much easier.


  • Large canopy provides enough shading
  • Quite comfortable handlebars for average and tall parents
  • Feels very light
  • Highly durable and sturdy
  • Not very expensive
  • Wheel suspensions absorb bumps
  • Great and improved maneuverability


  • Handlebar not suitable for short parents

How We Choose The Best Lightweight Stroller for Travel: Buyer’s Guide

In today’s world, we tend to focus too much on appearance. While this is understandable, it is not always the best approach, especially when buying baby gear like the lightweight stroller.

In order to make a decision, you won’t regret it later on, it’s always a good idea to look beyond the highlights of an impressive sales gimmick.

Below are the key important things you should consider in order to get a quality stroller that will provide great value for your money.

  • Motion

Here you need to consider the kind of wheels the stroller comes with.

Different strollers come with different kinds of wheels.

A good example is the dual front wheels which are very common with many lightweight strollers. Here, each one of the front legs has two small wheels.

Unfortunately, this type of wheel design doesn’t usually do well in terms of maneuverability. As such it’s difficult for them to handle some terrains especially places with a lot of bumps and grasses.

For better maneuverability, you might want to opt for swivel front wheels. However, locked wheels tend to offer more stability.

If you plan to use the stroller a lot in the city, then consider going for small wheels. However, for bumpy terrains, a stroller with larger wheels will make a better choice.

  • Brake System

The brake system of a stroller is very important for ensuring your child’s safety.

You want to go for a stroller that will instantly come to a halt when the brake is engaged. In other words, applying the brake should automatically lock the wheels of the stroller.

In this case, a single action brake system should work best.

Brakes that require you to perform more than one action (like engaging two different pedals) is often prone to error, especially in emergency situations.

  • Ease of Use

Another important consideration you want to make when choosing a stroller is ease of usage.

If you are planning to use the stroller in the city, then sometimes you will have to carry it in your car or in public transport. In this case, you want to ensure that the stroller will be able to fit into your trunk.

And if it does, do you have a difficult time lifting it in and out of the vehicle?

What about the storage option – can it be folded? And if it can, how easy is it to unfold?

Also, look into the possibility of controlling the machine with just one hand. This will be helpful when you need to make calls or do other things with the other hand.

You should also check the fabric of the stroller to see whether it requires a simple wipe or needs to be washed with a machine.

  • Size

Size is not such an important criteria for some baby strollers, however, when it comes to umbrella strollers, it’s really a big deal. This is because it has a huge influence on the overall performance of the stroller.

In the first place, lightweight strollers were brought into the market as a result of past strollers being either too big or too small.

Bulky strollers are usually difficult to travel with, while small strollers make your baby uncomfortable.

So when choosing your umbrella stroller, it’s very important for it to be really lightweight. You want a stroller that is compact and easy to handle.

  • Frame and Harness

Apart from a reliable brake system, the stroller frame and harness are two other areas that contribute to the overall safety of the gear.

A heavy frame automatically translates to a heavy stroller which can lead to maneuverability issues. You also want to avoid frames with sharp edges as they can cause injury for your little one.

In the same manner, you want a stroller that comes with a 5-point harness so you can easily fit in your child and unbuckle when necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I use a stroller?

Umbrella strollers, in general, are designed for babies from 6 months upwards. But this really depends on the make. So try and check the recommended start time by the product manufacturer.

What is the weight limit for these strollers?

Again, this differs among individual models. However, the general weight limit is usually around 40 to 55 pounds. Endeavor to check the manufacturer’s instructions for more information on this.

Why do I need a stroller?

Baby strollers allow you to spend quality time with your child. With a lightweight stroller, your child can get to receive natural air and explore the world.

Where can I purchase the stroller above?

You can purchase any one of the models by clicking on the respective link.

Final Verdict

Purchasing a lightweight stroller means that you will hardly get tired or stressed out when you are hanging out with your little champ. Compared to bulky strollers, these strollers will work perfectly in any situation.

Lightweight strollers are indeed a total upgrade when it comes to overall baby care, which is why it’s no surprise that the recent generation has completely outwitted its predecessors.

Despite being extremely lightweight, the reviewed best lightweight stroller for travel does not have many shortcomings, as they all guarantee safety and utmost comfort. They have a lot of compelling features, great price, and maneuverability.

Hopefully, with this review, every question or doubt you had about lightweight strollers has been fully answered.

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