Britax Pioneer vs Frontier Comparison Review


When it comes to bringing your toddler around the city, nothing compares to a good and safe car seat. But not all models are worth having, so here we go over two of them.

We’re comparing the Britax Pioneer vs Frontier – two of the best toddler car seats for those who want to keep their kids safe at all times.

If you’re one of these parents who wants the best for their kids – then this article will come really handy. Come and learn more about each car seat!

Britax Pioneer Booster Car Seat Review


The Britax Pioneer is the ideal product for parents who want a car seat for their growing toddler.

Everything it has from the impact protection foam to the superb number of positions for comfort and much more – it’s all fantastic.

Here’s some more info about this car seat you’ll want to know:


This is a seat that supports your toddler from 25 to 70 pounds without problems. And once your child starts growing to become a kid of up to 110 pounds – then this seat will still be useful.

The forward-facing model with a harness is the less sturdy of the modes it offers. You can host any toddler from 3 up to 6 years without problems. Once they become too big, the booster mode would be the perfect option, holding kids of up to 8 years.

The transition from harness mode to booster is smooth, just store the buckles and straps away, and you’ll have a seamlessly comfortable and secure car seat.


Nothing delivers more durability and strength in car seats than aluminum. And that’s precisely the material Britax used in this car seat.

This impact-stabilizing steel frame makes sure that your kid is always safe even after the hardest stop or turn. It is so amazing that it can hold 110 pounds effortlessly – which is a massive amount of weight for its size.


To install, you won’t have to do much more than just adjusting the LATCH connector on the piece, and that’s it. You may also set up the seat using the seat belt of the car, which would give a handy option if you’re looking for extra safety.


Letting your kid feel cozy when riding is always something to strive for – and this seat doesn’t disappoint. It offers a 9-position harness that grows with your child so you can keep them secure even after they’ve grown a lot.

You may also change the position of the recline to allow a comfy experience according to your child’s needs. And sure, it all comes to touch a button to change the position.

You may also increase the height limit, so your big toddler can now fit the seat safely and cozily. Add the two cup holders, and your kid can stroll around and have a fantastic time.

And let’s not forget, the padding is also exceptional all around. From the seat to the headrest, to the shoulders – it keeps your toddler protected but amazingly comfy. 


In terms of protection, few car seats do what the Pioneer from Britax does. It all starts with a V-Shaped Tether, a strap system that reduces the overall impact of any movement to keep your child tightened to the seat.

This gets really good with the foam-lined headrest and energy-absorbing shell all around. Your kid will have a double layer of protection that keeps any impact, hard turn, or sudden stop to produce any discomfort.

To make it even better, the harness fits tightly at all times – doesn’t matter if they are 40 pounds or 110 pounds. This seat will always be secure and ready to prevent unwanted situations.


  • Superb design that holds kids of up to 110 pounds.
  • Durable & impact-absorbing aluminum build.
  • Extra safety with protective shell & foam.
  • Comfortable with 9-position harness & adjustable headrest.
  • Effortless installation with the LATCH system or seat belts.


  • Huge design can be hard to install in small cars.
  • Headrest feels wiggly when in the extended position.

Britax Frontier Booster Car Seat Review


Now we veer our heads to the Britax Frontier, the newly made toddler car seat that brings comfort and safety to new levels.

It looks terrific too, provides a hugely reliable construction, and makes sure your toddler or big kid is always secure.

Want to know more about what it offers? Here’s everything it comes with:


This is a forward-facing piece that holds up to 120 pounds. But of course, it comes with two modes – the forward-facing mode that handles from 25 to 90 pounds kids – ideal for toddlers of up to 7 or 8 years. 

Then you’ll have the Booster mode, supporting kids that go from 40 to 120 pounds – perfect for children of about 10 years or a little more.

This gets even better with the multiple-position recline system – helping you install and achieve the ideal comfort for your child.

You can also get this model in 9 different color options, which is a big plus.


The frame comes with stainless steel. This makes sure no turn or hard stop damages the piece, and even big 120-pound kids can use it without any problem.

On top of that, it boasts a detachable cover, so you can take it off whenever you need to clean it.


Installing this seat is easier than it looks like. Whether you want to set it up as a Forward-Facing Harness or in its Booster mode – you just need to use the hassle-free transition process, and that’s it.

Store the buckles and straps fast, use the ON/OFF anchors that click when ready, and don’t forget about the color-coded path for the belts.

You can also make sure of the seat belt from the car to install the piece tightly. This will improve the process but also make the seat more secure.

The best of all is the ClickTight system, making it a piece of cake to install by just buckling the seat belt. You won’t have to spend hours setting it up.


Everyone wants their kid to be the most comfortable possible, and the Britax Pioneer doesn’t let anyone down when it comes to that.

The first thing you’ll notice is a set of cushions in the headrest that feel utterly fluffy. They also keep the head of the kid away from hard movements that could cause damage.

When tightening up the harness, you can enjoy the easy-buckle system – aiding in protecting your child but also allowing fast in-and-out.

Apart from all that, you can get the most out of the 9-position harness for kids from 20 to 120 pounds. And surely, your child won’t have to worry about beverages with the built-in set of cup holders.


If you want your child to be as safe as possible – you just need to use the Secure Guard clip. It helps to arrange the seatbelt of the car to work around your child’s hips and improve overall safety when using.

This pairs up really well with the SafeCell Impact Protection system that comes with two layers of safety.

The first is the V-shaped tether on the back, a system that buckles the strap to prevent any unusual movement of the seat. And secondly, you get the impact-absorbing base that prevents turns or stops to cause sudden movements.

The high-quality harness system is also fantastic, keeping your kid to the seat at all times.


  • The high-quality design supports kids of up to 120 pounds.
  • Excellent padding & configuration for comfort.
  • Superb ClickTight system for fast installation.
  • Top-notch SecureGuard&SafeCell features for safety.
  • Very sturdy aluminum frame for extra durability.


  • Feels heavy which could make it hard when installing.
  • Huge design won’t work with small cars.

Final Verdict – Pioneer vs Frontier Which One is Better?

After reading about each car seat in-depth, it is time to go into the differences and advantages one may have over the other. Here’s all you should understand before choosing one:

  • In Design

Here, both are pretty much the same. The main difference comes from the width – where the Frontier is slightly wider, making it a bit more comfortable for most kids.

Apart from that, the Frontier also comes in 9 different colors – which is way more than the 3 color options you get with the Pioneer.

  • In Construction

The build of both uses steel. So you can expect a reasonably durable experience. However, the Frontier feels way sturdier and more reliable. This is a considerable advantage when absorbing impacts and preventing unwanted damage.

But the Pioneer is way lighter, which makes installation happen in a breeze. Though, it is the Frontier that comes with the fantastic ClickTight system for a straightforward setup.

  • In Comfort

Comfort-wise, both are more than decent. Yet, it could be quickly confirmed that the padding in the Frontier is a little firmer which adds tons of safety to the piece. In the Pioneer, however, the padding is a little softer which many kids will appreciate.

  • In Safety

Lastly, they both use a similar safety system. But the Frontier still does it a little better with the SecureGuard clip which along with the SafeCell shell and padding makes it outstandingly secure. The Pioneer doesn’t stay too far behind, but the latter does it best.


So, if you’re interested in getting the best one between the Britax Pioneer vs Frontier – we can easily say the Frontier receives the trophy.

The additional features in safety, installation, and design make it a desirable choice for demanding users. But the Pioneer is not a bad option, especially if you want something more affordable.

Whatever you pick – make sure it meets your kid’s needs. Do that, and you’ll have the ideal product on your car.

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