Can Twins Share A Bassinet?

If you are expecting newborn twins, it is essential to prepare for your new arrival by getting any supplies that you may need ahead of time. What you will want to consider when preparing for newborn twins is whether or not they can share a twin bassinet.

There is a question about Twins will share a bassinet or not. This is the question that many twin moms ask themselves.

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It’s essential to think about the twins’ safety and comfort before making this decision. There are some things you need to know before sharing a bassinet with twins.

What is a bassinet, and when should my twins use one?

Twins share a bassinet

A bassinet is a small bed for infants that can be moved around the house. This is different from an infant carrier which is often used in place of a pack and play.

It’s essential to have both to allow the infant to take naps when they’re not being carried. 

I recommend you buy one with mesh on three sides, so you can see your twins while holding them inside it.

However, I would recommend purchasing separate twin beds once they’re old enough (3) or too large (over 20 pounds). Because then the infant doesn’t need unique bases like a pack and plays. 

But you’ll likely need some bedding protection since mattresses nearly always come unprotected nowadays.

Set up your twins in a bassinet

Setting them up in a bassinet can be easy. Just make sure to get one with an inclined mattress (You can find one like the Uppababy Bassinet at Babies R Us).

That will keep both of them comfortable. You could also get two travel cribs or pack-n-plays to put right next to each other for extra security and figuring out how they like to sleep best.

Sharing the same bassinet with your twins

twin baby in a bassinet

There are a variety of opinions on whether or not it is OK for your twins to share a bassinet. The American Academy of Pediatrics advises against co-sleeping with siblings due to the danger of SIDS.

The AAP doesn’t specifically address the problem of twins who are half-siblings at the same age.

But we aren’t here to give you any advice, and it’s all up to you as to what is best for your kid.

Because you care more about your loved ones than anybody else, so you’ve made your decision. We give you the facts.

Tips for putting twins safely at naptime and bedtime

Beautiful legs of infant

1. Prepare a schedule

Twins who eat together are more likely to sleep through the night. Start by getting both of your babies on a feeding schedule, including for middle-of-the-night feedings, and hopefully, they will nod off at about the same time too! 

2. Develop a Routine

It can be a challenge to get your baby on the proper schedule, but it’s worth doing when you’re juggling two. 

Don’t worry – once they are at least two months old and have learned their schedules in infancy classes or through trial-and-error with mommy duties (or both!). Then setting them up for success will help keep things running smoothly all around!

3. Bring on the noise.

It might make things easier on you if your twins can sleep through a bit of sound.

Don’t tiptoe around the other baby when one wakes up, and try not to blast heavy metal music during naptime. Because that could cause difficulties with balancing two infants.

If it seems like noises from inside or outside the house consistently wake them up, invest in getting yourself a white noise machine.

So they’re quieter than what’s going on outside wherever you are at any given moment.

4. Encourage self-soothing

Your first impulse will likely be to drop everything and sprint to the crib at the first sign of a cry. 

Please don’t do it! While your love for babies is undeniable, allow them some independence through self-soothing measures. Like using the binkies or thumbing their nose can make all sorts of differences.

You can see how quickly they become independent individuals that are happy members of society.

Take some PRECAUTIONS about your babies

twin legs

Every twin mom to know the terror of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), which is now another concern for newborns. Whether you’re expecting twins or not, you must take some measures for your children.

  • It would help if you always put your infants down on their backs because the back is the greatest.
  • Don’t dress your kids too warmly. Keep their room between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit.  
  • Only a tight fitted sheet on a firm mattress is required. Animals, blankets, cushions, and BUMPERS should all be excluded from the room!
  • Fans and humidifiers (particularly in dry areas) should be used to ensure that the nursery is well ventilated.

Advantage of sharing a bassinet

The benefits of sharing a bassinet include increasing the safety and convenience for both parents. Here are some benefits:

  • Throughout the entire process, both infants will require a great deal of care and attention. Having your baby in the same room and nearby will save you time.
  • Pairing twin infants together has a lot of advantages, especially if they were born in the winter. They are cuddled up tightly because of their combined body heat, which helps to build an early relationship between them.
  • The touch of a person, the aroma, and the warmth provided by fire create an inviting atmosphere for babies, just as it does for us.
  • The twins, who grew up in the womb together, do have a sense of one other. They also find it soothing and safe to know that they are in the presence of a known entity, and they become more peaceful.

Disadvantage of sharing a bassinet

There are always two perspectives to every issue. There are several disadvantages of sharing a bassinet for twins.

  • Each kid will not be the same as the other. One person may sleep while the other is active. This may cause the other person to toss and turn as a result of your snoring.
  • Sleeping incorrectly under a blanket may raise the hazards of making it too hot or even suffocating them, making breathing difficult.
  • As they get older, each child’s area will begin to shrink and become unpleasant.

Can twins nap together outside of the crib?

cute twins under a blanket


Some parents allow their twin babies to nap together, but this is a risky strategy if the babies are under 20 months old because of SIDS risk.

Snug as a Bug Baby Wraps has been specially designed to keep both twins safe and asleep simultaneously.

This reduces the risk for infants due to the restricted use of loose blankets and letting them move around freely in their own space.

Can you co-sleep with twins?

Co-sleeping is a very personal decision, and it can either be a great way to bond with your little ones or the one thing that drives you to sleep deprivation.

If you decide to co-sleep with your twins, make sure they are next to each other in bed so if they wake up in the middle of the night, they don’t have far to reach out.

Give yourself some time for uninterrupted rest by setting strict nap times and waking up routines for yourselves; again no sleep deprivation, please!

A swaddle or sleep sack will help babies stay “wrapped” into sleeping positions which helps protect their small joints from getting squished when rolling around in bed.

It might also be helpful for momma if she has someone else there to help her out with nighttime feedings and diaper changes.

Do I need two bassinets for twins?

If you have twins, it is often recommended that you have a spare bassinet set up somewhere in your home.

This ensures that after one sibling falls asleep on the go, there will be a different place for them to sleep next to their twin.

The second bassinet will come in handy if they fall asleep from exhaustion at the house but not in your arms.

Is it safe for newborn twins to sleep together?

Conventional wisdom has long been that it is unsafe for twins to sleep in the same bed as a newborn, especially twins because it could lead to SIDS.

Having said this, we know now that when you put an infant in their same crib and leave them there for sleep, such as for naps and nighttime sleep.

Then the risk of SIDS goes down dramatically. Additionally, one must look at all aspects of safe sleeping when talking about twin infants.

Do twins sleep better together?

twin sleeping together

Absolutely! Larger than average-sized infants sleep more lightly, wake up more often, and seem to be fussy for more extended periods if they are isolated.

Numerous studies have shown that most premature babies do not need to be put in their room during infancy, which helps them avoid becoming accustomed to sleeping alone.

It would also mean developing different sleep patterns from an early age, making it harder for parents to get a good night’s rest.

What to do when both twins are crying?

If you’re lucky, one will stop for a moment and let the other catch up. Otherwise, it’s best to put them in separate cribs or give them some space between one another so they can both calm down independently.

Sit with each twin and calmly discuss their feelings with them. Try to offer reassurance through baby talk, “Whoa there little cutie pie…no need to be sad.” This will encourage their emotions to reign in before the crying escalates and they don’t know what to do with themselves.

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After that, stay close by and use light chatter or singing as they drift off into sleep again after a while of rocking back and forth gently on your lap.

Please don’t underestimate how hard it is for a sibling to experience their twin in distress. Twins tend to get more attached than other children, so some will be understandably upset and confused about why they can’t be together.

How to take care of twins alone

  • Get anything you’ll need to have a pleasant pregnancy and delivery.
  • On Facebook, you may join many groups.
  • Invite family members to stay for longer periods of time.
  • Make certain that your child is healthy by calling your family and friends on a regular basis.
  • Prepare your freezer foods in advance.
  • Get professional assistance with your outsourcing.
  • Make an effort to get to know your neighbors.
  • Get out and about as frequently as possible.

Wrapping Up

It’s not always easy to know whether twins should share a bassinet, but the answer is pretty simple.

If you have more than one crib in your baby room or nursery and can’t afford both, then it might be worth considering twin shared sleeping arrangements.

It’s natural to want your babies close together, especially if you are having multiples.

But there are some things you should know before making this decision. After reading our article, we believe you are in a position to make a decision.

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