Enfamil Infant vs Gentlease – Which Formula Will Be Better for Your Baby?


If you are considering a switch in milk formulas for your little one, then you must collect an in-depth idea about the products you are willing to purchase.

Now, you may already know that Enfamil has released its premium non-GMO infant formula, and just after that, there is the Gentlease one, which is specially made for babies with gasps and fussiness.

Both of their nutrient contents aren’t drastically different. Still, you are going to notice some differences in the ingredients that leave a visible effect on your baby’s digestion.

Here I am gonna present Enfamil Infant vs Gentlease guide so that you can choose the right one for your baby.

Enfamil Infant vs Gentlease

When it comes to feeding babies, you are bound to feel worried and confused as infants are likely to have a sensitive tummy, and even a pinch of mistake can create a mess in their digestive tract!

However, while searching for breast milk alternatives, it automatically begs the question that does it have sufficient nutrients and nourishment properties as close to breast milk? Or is it just going to produce a development crisis?

On the other hand, what happens when it comes to babies who are suffering from spills and vomits just after a feed or have frequent fussiness? Well, let’s compare the Enfamil Infant and Gentlease to nail down what will be ideal for your baby’s nourishment.


First, let’s talk about Enfamil Infant, which is a Non-GMO formula and considered having as same nutrients as breast milk. And, gladly, it gracefully crafts 30 nutrients and brain-developing inositol that nurtures the process of your baby’s healthy growth.

Moreover, the Enfamil Infant happened to be mummy’s favorite as it features the perfect blend of protein and carbohydrate.

Many parents think that too much protein consumption enhances their baby’s development. But little do they know about its other consequences. Because excessive protein is harmful to sensitive tummies, and it causes bladder issues as well.

Equivalently Gentlease provides minimal protein and carbohydrate contents that retain your baby’s urinary tract healthy.

Also, the choline and inositol density is the same in both of the refills. So, in terms of nutrients, there are no major differences that can be contradictory.

It’s just that the Enfamil Infant is as effective as human breast milk, produces omega-3 fatty acids, brain developing DHA and Gentlease one the other hand, provides double omega-3, DHA and plays a vital role in sensitive tummies through limited protein intensity and prevents gas, crying and fussiness within 24 hours!

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Sugar Content, Soy, and Coconut

Well, here you need to be mindful when giving your baby Enfamil’s Gentlease because you might not know that it contains solid corn syrup that has high sugar content.

And no wonder, sugar contents affect your baby’s gastrointestinal tract. Mostly, infants have a complex digestive system where compounds like corn syrup are hard to digest.

Also, I have seen my grandparents suggesting corn syrups for constipation, but in recent surveys, it has been proved that it doesn’t help to soften the stool or penetrate any fluid in the intestine.

On the other hand, Enfamil Infant doesn’t provide any trace of corn syrup, which makes it utterly convenient for babies with sensitive tummies. I mean, here you don’t need to put that extra stress while feeding your baby.


Here Enfamil Infant has galactooligosaccharides. This nutritional substitute takes the utmost care of your baby’s bowel movement by delivering ample bowel mass and intensifies the growth of beneficial bacteria.

On the other hand, Enfamil Infant has prebiotics that can boost the growth of gut bacteria, which can help in your baby’s nourishment. But the fact is prebiotics are not suitable for babies with sensitive tummies as they consist of some hard-to-digest ingredients.

Now, Gentlease has not a single pinch of prebiotics, which is a good sign for fussy babies and also can be a drawback as your baby needs those healthy bacteria.

Price & Variants

Gentlease roughly costs more than 100 bucks, and that is relatively high priced than the Enfamil Infant.

Now, if you compare the pricing with the values they provide, then you will see that even if the Enfamil Infant doesn’t claim to aid fussy babies, still it works tremendously on sensitive tummies and have almost similar nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Furthermore, it’s inexpensive too.

Enfamil Infant Review

Enfamil Infant Review

Well, along with 30 vital nutrients, omega-3 fatty acids, DHA, vitamins, and minerals, it has perfectly balanced protein and carbohydrate contents. Especially it bears similar comprehensive properties as breast milk such as inositol, which is crafted to mimic human breast milk and enhances your baby’s brain development.

A sufficient blend of whet and casein not only nourishes your baby’s health like breast milk but also helps in the overall digestion process.


  • Comprehensive nutritional contents
  • An ideal substitute for breast milk
  • Balanced ratio of protein and carbohydrates for producing energy and healthy growth
  • A perfect blend of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids
  • It doesn’t have any trace of sugar content
  • Limited fat for combating obesity
  • Added lactose for sweetened flavor
  • Affordable


  • It’s not reliable for sensitive tummies
  • The prebiotics may have such contents that are not easily digestible
  • Not properly organic

Enfamil Gentlease review

Enfamil Gentlease review

Except for the fact that it is a bit expensive, this trumps over Similac’s milk formulas. However, it has twice more omega-3 fatty acids, which enhances your baby’s immune system and helps to combat fatal diseases. Also, this milk formula is enriched with vitamins, minerals, and folic acids.

With no severe side effects, this one outshines in terms of digestive contents and DHA for brain and eye development.

Still, it features solid corn syrup; hence, you have to pay attention to this fact. As an infant’s digestive system is sensitive, and high sugar content doesn’t reciprocate well, Gentlease may not be your baby’s delight.


  • Great for fussy babies
  • Regulates your baby’s immune system and keep a healthy bowel movement
  • It reduces the risk of GTI
  • Choline and DHA for brain and eye development
  • Partially broken proteins
  • Easy to made (ready-made formula)


  • Expensive and the price keeps increasing
  • Sticky texture
  • Doesn’t taste well
  • No added prebiotics
  • Bears corn syrup and allergic contents

Enfamil Infant vs Gentlease: Which One to Choose?

Well, if you want to know which one is the best between them, then it’s undoubtedly Enfamil Infant because it has no sugar content and falls into every infant’s requirement. Also, it’s relatively inexpensive and has no feeding issues.

Gentlease, on the other hand, is expensive and has allergic contents along with highly sugared corn syrup, which is harmful to sensitive tummies. But if you are expecting something that is designed for protein sensitivity, then Gentlease beats Enfamil Infant promptly.

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