How to Keep Cat out of Bassinet

How to keep cat out of bassinet

Cats are adorable creatures. They keep us warm when it’s cold, they keep us entertained when we’re bored, and they keep our floors clean by making a mess on them.

But sometimes there are things that cats just can’t have. Like the bassinet in your baby’s room for example.

Suppose It’s 3 am and you’re trying to get your baby back to sleep, but that darn cat jumps up on the bassinet. You want to love them both, but they just don’t seem to be getting along.

If you want to keep the cat out of the bassinet and searching for a solution to how to keep cat out of bassinet then this is the definitive guide for you!

Why Do Cats Love The Bassinet So Much?

Cats and other felines were domesticated by humans for 10,000 years or so, and it is said these types of animals really thrive on human contact.

By sleeping in the bassinet you are encouraging close contact with you – your scent, movement, breathing sound, etc. Try not to take offense because a cat sleep up to 18 hours per day!

Another possibility is that cats may enjoy having a sense of control over their environment.

As they peek out from underneath the bedding fabric and utilize their natural hunting abilities. And other reasons could be that they love newborns and/or they know it is “kitty territory”, so to speak.

Why You Must Keep A Cat Out Of Bassinet?

cat sleeping

The U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that about 20-30% of Americans have been infected with T. gondii.

While pregnant women have a 60% chance of passing on this infection to their unborn children if it crosses the placenta during gestation.

So here are some reasons of why you need cat proof bassinets:

  • Cats can transfer germs and parasites by licking. Like Toxoplasma gondii parasites.
  • A cat can sit on your baby face which will restrict your baby from breathing.
  • Cats can scratch your baby’s face.
  • Sometimes your baby has allergies to cat’s fur.

Here are the top 8 ways to keep your cat out from your baby’s bassinet.

1. Close The Bassinet From The Top

The first step is to close the bassinet from the top. If your cat can’t reach it, then they won’t be able to jump up on them either!

Some parents don’t realize that a cat can easily climb into your baby’s bassinet, so you should keep it out.

You could also close the sides or top of the bassinet as an extra precautionary measure in order to make sure they stay away from those areas! (but make sure there is proper airflow for your baby.)

2. Keep The Bassinet Under You At All Times

Another way you can keep your cat out of the bassinet is by keeping it under you at all times. Cats love high places in your baby’s room and if you want to make sure that they stay out then just put yourself between them and their target!

Keep your cat out by keeping the bassinet under you or near an open space for easy access. Plus make sure there aren’t any gaps around curtains before letting him sleep on them as well!

3. Cover the bottom with plastic wrap

Keep your cat away from the baby’s bassinet by covering it with plastic wrap. Make sure there’s nothing they can crawl through or get stuck in, and don’t put anything on top because that will only encourage them to go underneath!

The slippery surface will make it difficult for them to try and jump out, plus you don’t want any scratches on furniture because it will ruin the overall impression of your baby’s room.

4. Put up a baby gate if necessary in your baby’s room

baby gate

For cat lovers who also have a bundle of joy in their house, it can sometimes be difficult to keep the two apart. This is where newborn baby gates come into play!

Baby gates will help you block out any distractions so they’re only focused on each other without bothering with anything else.

Even if your furry friend has been known not just as an escape artist but more like one heckuva jumper too.

5. Keep Your Cat Active Throughout The Day

Keeping the naughty cat active throughout the day by giving lots of playtime and exercise; this will tire out any animal spirits they still have leftover from being awake all night long and your cat finally starts resting!

Be sure that you have plenty of activities set up around your baby’s room where their food dishes will be kept so they always feel engaged when not eating.

We mark some points that you will love.

  1. Set the cat trees and condos for climbing your cats.
  2. Keep them in the agility training for themselves.
  3. Go for a walk everyday for your cat.
  4. Teach them hunting for their food sometimes.
  5. You can also use remote-controlled toys for your cats.

6. Train your Cat not to sit in the Bassinet

You have to train Your Pet not to sit in the bassinet. It will give them a better quality of life and you can get tension-free all day too!

You can keep your Cat from sitting in the bassinet with a training mat! Place this at least 1-2 weeks before the baby arrives home and it will be easy as pie.

In order to keep the cat from sleeping on your training mat, place one near it and enter when they’re about five feet away. Set off a harmless static pulse or high-frequency beeping noise that will repel them into another room if need be!

You can choose between models with just one sound effect or both types so you have plenty of options in how much attention yours gets drawn out by this device’s warning tactics.

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7.  Add Cat Furniture to Baby’s Room

It is important to provide your cat with the best furniture option. A bed provides an excellent resting place and also helps them feel at home in their surroundings!

Cats like giving themselves personal space so if you have more than one of these animals, it’s advised that they each get a special area where we can put our furry friends’ needs first.

Cats are known for being lazy, but the truth of the matter is that they also enjoy lounging about. Cats are always up for an adventure, which is why they love to sleep with newborn babies. Nothing feels cozier or softer than baby skin!

8. Monitor Your Cat’s Behavior

home security camera

You are the boss of your cat. But it’s always best to monitor their behavior and make sure you know what they’re up to.

If something happens which wasn’t expected or planned for then things could go south really quickly in an instant- so get the monitoring equipment now!

If you are looking for an affordable yet powerful baby monitor camera or smart home security camera then you can read this in-depth article on the best baby monitoring camera.

Are Cats Dangerous for Babies?

Cats are not dangerous for babies. For babies, the main risk of cats is cat scratch fever or toxoplasmosis, both of which are caused by the parasite Toxoplasma gondii, which lives in soil and in cat feces.

This can be avoided by keeping indoor cats outdoors when they need to be defecating and bringing indoor litter boxes up to the outdoors at night before you let any other animals in.

If you live near woods where it’s safer for your outdoor cats’ safety, make sure to clean the litter box every day so that no traces of feces will touch surfaces indoors.

Do Cats Suffocate Babies?

Cats don’t understand their size relative to newborns, and would never intentionally suffocate a baby.

That said, cats may accidentally smother babies while giving them kisses or licking them because they can’t tell the difference in size.

The Bottom Line

All in all, the best way to keep a cat out of a bassinet is with patience and understanding. Cats are naturally curious creatures that love exploring new places.

Keeping your cat out of the baby’s bassinet is a tough job. It’s one of those things that seem so simple, but can be really hard to do.

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However, if you follow these tips and tricks, it will become second nature in no time! Remember- every little bit helps.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this great article. I never thought that cats would love to hang out in a bassinet. Maybe for them it’s just one big cat mattress that has been pre-heated by a baby hooman which is purrfect for their comfort.

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