How to Put a Newborn to Sleep in a Bassinet

How to Put a Newborn to Sleep in a Bassinet

Sleeping is one of the many things that newborns do best. When you’re trying to get your newborn to go back off, it can be hard to find a comfortable place for them.

A bassinet is an excellent choice because they are small and portable. But baby Sleeping in a bassinet can be really hard sometimes.

In this article, we will talk about how to put a newborn to sleep in a bassinet and some possible issues about why they don’t want to sleep in the bassinet.

Bassinets are not just for newborn babies. 

In fact, bassinets can be a lifesaver for parents who have trouble putting their newborn to sleep. 

Bassinets not only provide a safe sleep for your newborn, but they also help you get some much-needed shut-eye!

Why doesn’t the newborn baby sleep in a bassinet?

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First, we will talk about why your baby is not sleeping in the bassinet? We’ll find out and then we find the solution.

There are a few reasons why this could happen. Let’s take a look at them and figure out what can help improve your little one’s rest so they get more zzz’s than fussies all day long, okay??

1. Your baby is hungry

When a child has eaten, their little stomachs empty quickly and then need time for it all to go back in again! 

If you’ve been providing them with food regularly throughout the day or recently changed your schedule around so that there’s an earlier bedtime than the usual routine.

This could be disrupting his routine of going through these motions every night which causes him discomfort and your newborn baby can’t sleep properly.

2. Your baby has a dirty diaper

When your baby doesn’t want to sleep, maybe it’s because they have a dirty diaper. If you let them stay in their own mess all night long it can be very bad for them.

You need to take care of this ASAP before anything else happens. Like bedwetting or ear infections from dirt particles lodging themselves against delicate tissue inside the body.

3. Check the temperature in your room

You may be wondering why your baby doesn’t want to stay asleep. You might think it is because they are teething or need a new outfit.

But if you take the time to look at their room temperature and make sure that it’s not too high (over 95 degrees Fahrenheit) nor low around 75 then this could also help explain why they don’t get any restful nights of undisturbed slumber!

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4. Your baby’s startle reflex is waking them up.

Your baby’s startle reflex is waking them up. Sometimes it can be the possible reason why your little one gets up from their nap, at other times this phenomenon might take place as a result of something more intrinsic to themselves.

Such as having developed some sleep patterns or learned about self-soothing skills before reaching maturity enough for those particular capabilities.

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Here are some simple steps to help your baby sleep better.

A Solid Bedtime routine

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Here are some helpful ways to help your fussy baby sleep better. A Solid Bedtime routine is the most important thing for them since it’s the habit they’ll have in life!

You also need activities identified by you and done at specific times throughout each day or week with no disruptions from other people/living beings (to keep things consistent).

So, what does a solid night routine look like? Here are some simple steps to help get them there faster!

  • Perfect Bath Time.
  • A light massage for your baby.
  • Little play with your baby.
  • Reading or singing in front of them.
  • Swaddling.
  • Cuddling.

It’s important to follow the same routine, in order and at a specific time every night.

This will help your baby know that bedtime is approaching so they can prepare for it by slowing down or winding down activities before going into sleep mode with some quiet reading time.

By doing this you’ll greatly reduce any frustration associated with putting them down because all of those stressors are removed from their lives—no more being lost on an empty page!

Lay Baby down Awake.

Cuddling and even rocking your baby are acceptable parts of a night routine, but you need to make sure they don’t fall asleep in the process. 

Because if it gets a habit then there will be times when we keep cuddles whole during their sleeping hours as well!

When you lay your baby down awake, they are in the sweet spot. 

This means that while still being relaxed but on the verge of sleep-they’re calm enough for self-soothing and will eventually learn how to fall asleep without needing a handheld all night long!

Swaddle Them

If your newborn baby is as tiny and harmless as it can be, then it’s time for their first sleep in the bassinet. 

The other best thing you can do for them is swaddling! It will keep their limbs from being twisted or extended which could cause pain when they sleep on their stomachs, backsides, and sides.

Once babies start rolling over it’s a lot harder but still possible with enough practice.

  • Feels secure.

You can swaddle them, which will feel secure and help calm them down before bedtime even more so they’ll have better dreams!

  • Reduces startle reflex

Swaddling helps keep them asleep and reduces a baby’s startle reflex, making it easier for you both when their environment changes suddenly such as noise or light!

  • Lessens anxiety

Swaddling your newborn can help them feel safe in their own environment, which also helps reduce anxiety levels for both parties involved!

Sing a song or read the book 

Singing to your baby is a great way of calming them down. You can sing or read the book together while cradling them in your arms, making sure they are not too hot on this warm summer evening!

Can you put a newborn to sleep in a bassinet?

 Sure, but we strongly recommend that you use a crib instead of a bassinet to help your baby get better sleep. Bassinets are enclosed on the top and the sides, so there is no space for your baby to turn around. 

The air circulation in the baby’s bassinet may also lead to dangerously hot temperatures inside it which causes sweating, dehydration, and overheating because there’s no room for air circulating past your infant. And this can have deadly consequences.

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What should newborns wear to sleep?

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You need to know the weather in your area when you have this question in your mind. Two words you should be looking out for are “seasonal” and “climate”.

If it’s cold, then a baby should probably wear an outfit that has more insulation like a snowsuit or fleece pants with a basic shirt. When it gets warmer, young babies can go without any thickness if they sleep in air conditioning or stay indoors all day long.


I hope this article has been helpful in teaching you how to put a newborn baby to sleep. Newborns need their sleep, and they should be able to get it comfortably in the bassinet.

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If your baby wakes up because of not being comfortable or just can’t seem to fall asleep, try swaddling them loosely with light blankets. 

This will help keep them warm and give them that cozy feeling needed for restful sleep!

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