Maxi Cosi Pria 70 vs 85 Review – Which Will Be The Best For Your Baby?


Going on a city trip with your child? Then you’ll want to have something they can sit in comfortably and safely. For that, nothing compares to a well-made car seat.

Here we’ll explain the difference between the Maxi Cosi Pria 70 Vs 85 – two of the most reliable & comfortable car seats you can get for any toddler.

Want to know more about them and possibly find the perfect choice for your child? Then come and find out!

Maxi Cosi Pria 70 Convertible Car Seat Review


For comfort and versatility, The Pria 70 boasts the perfect design to host any baby from a few months old up to toddlers of about five years old as the limit.

This happens due to a unique expandable design and excellent reclining modes that add more space to the piece.

It doesn’t lose any safety level in the process. And surely, it provides an easy-to-use security system so you can buckle up your child in seconds.

Here’s every piece of info you need to know about it:


You can comfortably accommodate children from 9 to 70 pounds of weight without problems. Whether you have a baby who’s soon getting to their first year or a toddler who’s almost too big – then this car seat works like a gem.

You can make it work as a rear-facing seat or as a forward-facing seat depending on what you feel is more secure.

The whole advantage comes from the ability to expand with the headrest adjustment system. You can make it work with your small baby or big toddler for utter comfort and safety.

The best about the design of this seat is the 8 different colors it offers. You can get a simple black or gray tone, or a multi-colored piece that the most creative babies will love.


The entire surface of the seat is made of self-wicking fabric. This helps to achieve superior dryness when your baby is not using it. And if any liquid ends up on the padding, it makes sure to deodorize and prevent germs from growing.

You can easily take this surface off when needed, either to clean it or to simply make it comfier for your child.

The harness and the reliable parts of the seat are also fantastically durable. You can expect several years of use out of this piece. If you get it when your child is still a baby, then you’ll enjoy at least 5 years of constant driving safety.

Maxi Cosi Pria 70 Installation

It fits like a gem on any car. The ability to provide a superb amount of room for extra passengers all around helps to feel comfortable enough at all times.

Passengers in the front seat won’t have to tighten themselves up to the dashboard. And those on the sides will be reasonably spaced for their arms and bodies to feel cozy enough.

The installation takes little time too. You just need to set it up on your favorite side of the backseats, and that’s it. With a few buckle ups and tightening, this chair will be ready for the longest trip.


The comfort level for your child will be outstanding with this seat. It starts with a set of cushions on the bottom and the headrest, ideal for keeping your child secure but also cozy.

It gets really good with the reclining adjustment system, so you can place your baby in three different positions depending on what they like best and their age.

On top of that, if your baby is just a few months old and doesn’t fit tightly inside the seat, you’ll have an infant support premium padding that helps to adjust your baby quickly.

Lastly, your baby can enjoy a handy cup holder on the right armrest. That makes it ideal for long trips.


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What makes this seat hugely safe for any child is the upfront harness. It comes with a 5-point security design that adjusts depending on the size and needs of your child.

But the real safety benefit comes from the Air Protect Superior Side Impact Protection, a system that goes around the head to keep it in place even during harsh movements. Your baby will be totally safe, no matter how hard you stop or veer.

On top of that, it also boasts the FlexTeach system, a multi-directional set of protective energy controlling features that keep the seat stable at all times. It doesn’t matter how hard your baby moves, the seat will stay put.


  • High-quality fabric construction for easy removal and cleaning.
  • Terrific comfort level with padding around the head and hip.
  • Top-notch 5-point harness and Air-Protect system for extra safety.
  • Straightforward installation with harness.
  • Handy multi-position reclining system & cup holder.


  • Protection cushions in the head limit baby’s vision.
  • Straps are somewhat challenging to tighten up.

Maxi Cosi Pria 85 Convertible Car Seat Review


Just a few car seats allow up to 85 pounds of weight capacity, and the Pria 85 is one of those.

But it is not only the capacity to support lots of weight but also convert into different types of seats for maximum comfort.

Your child will feel like sitting on a throne, whether they are a few months old or up to 5 years. The ability to provide such a versatile experience is something you won’t like to dismiss.

Here we explain a little more about it:


With its harness-oriented design and the capacity to support 85 pounds, you can say the design stands out for its sturdiness.

However, it still comes with a few positive quirks, such as the extended weight range. You can make it work as a rear-facing seat that stands from 4 to 40 pounds babies. Yet, you can also make it work as a forward-facing that supports 22 to 85 pounds.

You may also enjoy the Deep Recline system so you can make it work in different positions. Whether you have a newborn baby or a toddler, this seat delivers the ideal design for ultimate convenience.

In terms of looks, you can pick between 6 different colors. You’ll get a unique flowery graphic with beige tones. Then there’s a black seat, a gray option, a blue, and a sand alternative too. For girls, there’s a vibrant purple tone. You’ll have a wide range of options for any kind of preference.


Everything on the seat is washable. The seat pad and the cushions offer the chance to wash and get rid of any sweat or unwanted liquid spill.

You won’t have to get the seat out to remove anything, though. Simply take the piece you want in a few simple steps, and that’s it.

The whole build is still pretty durable and stable. It keeps your child unmovable within a comfortable level.

Maxi Cosi Pria 85 Installation

Setting up the Pria 85 is a piece of cake if you have a big car. You’ll just need to adjust it to the chair using the straps, and it will be all done.

It leaves enough space to the sides for other passengers to come along. And with the length of the build, it still leaves enough space for front passengers to forget about snuggly seating.

It is an ideal choice for vans and individual chair cars for its size. This way, it fits entirely without leaving any space to tighten up.


The super plush padding on the headrest and bottom make this piece one of the comfiest in the market. But that’s not all, because you can adjust the headrest to different positions which adds excellent customization for toddlers to feel comfortable on it.

This pairs up well with the Flip Away buckle that stays out of the way for an excellent experience. And the handy harness holders make sure that the straps never get in the way before your child sits.

Let’s not forget this is probably the widest option. So it not only holds children of up to 85 pounds, but it also hosts the biggest ones. So, if you have a child that generally has a hard time fitting in other seats, then this one may come like a gem.

Apart from that, it manages to include a small cup holder on the right side – so your baby can enjoy beverages on the ride.


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Everything about this seat reeks of security. From the fantastic construction that stands heavily tightened to the car, to the astonishing Air Protect system in the padding that increases overall head and bottom body protection.

The safety level increases with the ClipQuik auto-magnetic clip in the chest that helps to keep the child tight to the seat. And surely, it offers a safety mechanism that prevents babies or toddlers to open it up while on the road – so you can keep your kid safe and yourself totally worry-free.


  • Excellent versatility & convenience with its design.
  • Fantastic set of color choices with unique flowery graphics.
  • Very comfortable padding with extra-safe Air Protect system.
  • High-quality construction for extra durability and resistance.
  • Ideal ClipQuik chest clip keeps your child tight to the seat at all times.


  • Huge design can be a problem to use in small cars.
  • Installation can take more time than expected.

Final Verdict – Maxi Cosi Pria 70 vs 85 Which One is Better?

Now that you have a wide idea about what each car seat offers, it is time to get a real sense of the differences. Here, we explain some of them so you can learn which one to go for.

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  • In Design

The Pria 85 is wider than the Pria 70, which is an advantage for those who like spacious seats. But for those on a small car, this can be a drawback.

On top of that, the Pria 70 comes in 8 different color choices so you can pick the one you prefer. The Pria 85 also comes in various options, but only 6 including a flowery graphic that adds a boost in style.

  • In Construction

The frame and base are both pretty sturdy and will handle lots of weight. But while the Pria 70 handles up to 70 pounds in its front-facing mode, the Pria 85 can handle as much as 85 pounds in the same position. This makes the latter much stronger overall.

But the Pria 85 is also wider. This means installation can be sort of an issue in small cars. With the Pria 70 you won’t have this issue.

  • In Comfort

The Pria 85 being a little wider, it leaves some space for toddlers to feel comfier. While the Pria 70 does not produce any discomfort despite its narrower design, it is not as cozy.

  • In Safety

There’s an advantage with the Pria 85 over the Pria 70. That is the ClipQuik magnetic clip. While the Pria 70 is pretty safe and lets you tighten up your children easily, the Pria 85 offers a better layer of safety with its magnetic buckle that prevents children from unlocking it.


So, if you want the winner between the Maxi Cosi Pria 70 vs 85 – then you’ll want to know that the Pria 85 is a slightly better choice. With its wider design, higher weight capacity, and extra safety features, you can confide this seat to your children without problems.

Just remember that being a little bigger makes it challenging to install. But otherwise, it is the clear winner.

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