Pregnancy Pillow Guide: How to Choose and Use Pregnancy Pillows

Pregnancy Pillow Guide-How to Choose & Use Pregnancy Pillows

Sleeping is unarguably one of the most comfortable things one can enjoy and anything that bothers you in your sleep is just not acceptable. This becomes quite a hassle when one’s pregnant and sleeping can get pretty uncomfortable during the first trimester. If you’ve been pregnant before then you are definitely familiar with this problem whereas first-time parents may find this a very difficult matter to handle.

However, no matter if you’re a first-time mother or not, we are here to guide you on how to find and fall asleep in comfortable positions by using the wide variety of best pregnancy pillows that are available out there. These products are very carefully designed and manufactured that provide a great deal of comfort specifically to pregnant women.

Different types of pregnancy pillows:

1. Body Pillows (Full-length pregnancy pillows)

Body pillows, often known as full-length pregnancy body pillows, are specially designed that be capable of providing full-body support to pregnant women and their whole bodies. They’re available in straight and rectangular shapes that can be flexible as well.

Flexible ones can be cast into different shapes as per your requirement and due to that, you can decide which portion of your entire body will be supported by the body pregnancy pillow.

However, straight full-length body pillows are also available that do not flex but can be just as comfortable at a much cheaper price.

Using these full body pillows is very similar to using a side pillow. One can simply hug the pillow with either or both their arms and legs and let their stomach rest on the mid section of the pillow.

Meiz Pregnancy pillow is the best U shaped pillow according to our team of experts’ suggestions. This u shaped pregnancy pillow allows the user to sleep comfortably with their head in a raised comfortable position with enough space to comfortably rest the stomach. It allows the waists to maintain a natural stress-free position and prevents stomach acids from backwashing into the esophagus to prevent heartburn. This product measures 55” by length and comes in a variety of colors.

2. Wedge Shaped Pregnancy Pillows

As the name suggests, these wedge pillows are basically wedge-shaped and its target consumer is moms who are looking for something that can comfort their projecting tummy. Carrying a baby may put extra tension on the hips and the spine so this aims to deduct that problem while sleeping.

The wedge-shaped traditional pregnancy pillow does not take up much space due to its small size and it can be carried anywhere too. It is engineered in such a way that aligns the back and hips in a way that allows proper/seamless blood flow around the body and in addition you can even lay your back on it to provide a different type of comfort. You can check out the Boppy Pregnancy Wedge which is one of the most popular Wedge-Shaped best Pregnancy Pillow.

3. Whole-Body Pregnancy Pillows

Whole-body pillows come in sizes that are at least 6 feet tall and as the name tells, it can wrap around your whole body. You can cuddle or lay your hips or belly on it. Its long size enables you to target and support several portions of your body. These pillows can be categorized into two types:

  • Pregnancy Pillow U Shaped:

This u shaped pregnancy pillow is somewhat similar to the U-shaped firm best pregnancy pillows. If you sleep on your stomach then this ought to be your go-to pillow as during the trimester this will be very suitable for your body and allow the highest level of comfort; making pregnant women sleep super full of rest.

Surpzon makes such pillows that measure 55″ X 31″ X 7.8″ and come in a variety of colors. Their slick high loft hollow fiber filling is what makes them extra comfortable and guarantees a good night’s sleep. Their prices may be a little on the higher end but you will feel your penny’s worth each time you sleep hugging it.

  • Pregnancy Pillow C shaped:

A C-shaped pillow is a very straightforward concept; obviously, it is C-shaped. It allows the user to tuck herself into the pillow with the top portion resting the head and the bottom portion going between the legs.

When you have a C-shaped pillow, you don’t really need any other extra pillows because this is pretty much an ‘all-rounder’ pillow. Belly, back, legs, hips you name it; this is capable of providing support and comfort to all those at once. You can just pop into one of these comfy pillows and quite frankly, do anything that’s relaxing; say it be reading a book or binge on some favorite TV show. Our experts suggest the Pharmedoc C Shaped Pregnancy pillow as a good C-shaped Pregnancy Pillow.

The only drawback of a c-shaped pregnancy pillow is that it’s quite large, which makes it pretty difficult to carry around for pregnant mothers.

What to consider when choosing a Pregnancy Pillow

1. Dimensions and body support

You first need to keep in mind which areas cause the most discomfort and need extra cushioning. Be it your legs, hips, back, or belly you need to keep that in mind and consider the fact that you’d be using it the entire trimester. Also, you should consider your bed size, as in, the availability of space in which you are to use the maternity pillow. Keeping the maternity pillows lightweight can also come in handy.

2. Cleanability

After all, a pillow is a pillow with a cloth covering and will definitely need cleaning over time. In this case, getting a suitable pillow cover for your firmer pregnancy pillow has to be the wisest thing to do as some of these products are very expensive.

3. Hypoallergic pillow

A little research on the product of your choice will tell you about the material it’s made of and some of these are prone to stimulate allergic reactions in some people. So always be aware to get something that will not cause any such problems during your entire pregnancy period.

4. Sleeping position and body size

Your sleeping position more than a say stomach sleeping position has a great deal of impact on your choice or requirement of the type of pregnancy pillow. Two such factors are:

  • Huge and short moms

    A C-shaped pillow is the perfect choice for a large mom as it can wrap around any body size whereas short pillows such a wedge-shaped pillow will do the job for a short mom.
  • Sleeping habits

    If you like sleeping on your side then you should go for a wedge-shaped pregnancy body pillow as it perfectly cushions the protruded belly on its side.

    Stomach sleepers tend to exert pressure on their stomach which can be dangerous when pregnant. A U-shaped total body pillow or a C-shaped whole basic body pillow should be their ideal choice.

    Sleeping on your back brings forth the risk of choking, hence anything that elevates their head from the hips is a good choice for them.

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Why do you need a Pregnancy Pillow

1. Rid of body pain and allow healthy blood circulation

Proper cushioning and support will allow a person to sleep at the same position throughout the night and blood flow throughout the body would face zero constriction. Hence the user is very less likely to wake up with certain aches around the body.

2. Restful sleep

Well, this absolutely the foremost and the main purpose of a body nursing pillow. You need an immense amount of rest during pregnancy and there should be no escape from that. This will ensure both you and your baby get adequate rest and stay healthy.

3. Comes handy after birth as well

Right after birth, especially for first-time moms, nursing can be very uncomfortable and one might find it difficult to get used to the position. These pillows once again come to save the day even after birth as both you and your infant can rest on the pillows with you.


With everything said we believe that all your questions have been answered and you may also be sure whether you need a perfect pregnancy pillow and if you do, you know you have a rough idea of what you may need or want. However if given the opportunity, you should definitely try out some of those pillows mentioned above and then make up your mind, taking into account which pregnancy pillow fits your needs perfectly.

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