Important Summer Safety Tips For Kids Not To Overlook

Summer safety tips for kids

We have come up with these 5 important summer fun safety tips for kids article because summer is always an interesting time for the kiddos. With the alarm bell going on break and school work out of the way; it’s now more fun in the sun and hopefully, plenty of ice cream.

But even as you are getting ready to grab your swimsuits and make your way to the lake or river banks for a refreshing time with your little ones, it’s also important not to throw caution into the air.

While summertime can be a time of relaxing and spending time with your family, it could also present some challenges for you as a parent. This is because apart from all the fun and adventure, this is also a period where most small children sustain injuries or fall prey to some kind of heat-related illness.

So it’s always a good idea to gear up your kids for a safe vacation to avoid the emergency room. No one says it’s going to be a small job, but since you would rather have your kids out there enjoying the spoils of summer, no sacrifice should be too great.

5 Summer Safety Tips For Kids Not To Overlook

Whether you are dealing with little nuggets or young kids on the road or away at a camp facility, following the summer safety tips for kids below will help to keep your kids safe and secure, so you won’t ever have to visit the emergency room.

  1. The Most Important Summer Safety Tips Is Overcome The Bugs

Besides the beautiful views and the bright weather of summer months, going outdoor also exposes your family to all kinds of bugs which can be a nightmare for the little ones if they don’t carry any layer of protection. Some of these include mosquitoes, bees, ticks, chiggers, and other terrifying insects.So you must have to avoid bug bites.harmful insects for kids

The usual norm is to use insect repellents, but this can also be harmful when you use one with a high DEET concentration. So pay attention to the kind of repellant you choose. Anything beyond 30 percent of concentrated DEET or picaridin is not advisable.

Never use the repellent on your kids’ faces or hands to avoid irritation or any form of adverse reaction. If you decide to go for a natural option (which is actually safer), you can consider using any one of Lavender or Citronella essential oil sprays. Eucalyptus oil is another nice insect repellent.

In addition to using repellent, it is also a good idea to mind the kind of perfumes or clothing you wear when visiting the woods. Insects are naturally attracted to bright fabric and scented items, so be careful not to overdo it.

It will also help to have some knowledge of how to treat different types of insect bites. This will be really helpful in case of stuff eventually happens.

  1. Another Safety Tips Is to Stay On Top of The Water

One of the coolest places to hang out during summer is the lake, pool, or beach. And the reason is not far-fetched. Closeness to water itself can be a huge relief from the summer heat, not to mention the fun and excitement it avails.

However, you shouldn’t toss caution to the wind; not when you have a kid around.

It’s always a good idea to carry a floatation device especially if your kid is still learning how to swim. The device should be designed in a way that makes it impossible for a child’s chin and ears to slip through.floating device for baby

In other words, the floating device should be able to fit properly.

In a case where you have a kid that can swim, make sure he always has his life jacket on before jumping into the lake or pool. This is extremely important because even an inch of water safety can drown a child. So you mustn’t take any chances.

Also, be sure to keep a close eye on the kids, whether they are in the water or near. When at the pool, do all you can to prevent them from running, because a little slip could result to a serious injury.

It is best to swim at pools that have lifeguards around. But even then, don’t ever lose sight of your precious ones, because, in the end, they are your responsibility.

  1. Drink A Lot of Water In Summer

It’s summer season, so you already know how hot the weather can get. You and the kids are probably going to sweat a lot. In fact, the kids will likely heat up faster since they are going to be playing all the time. You have to maintain the food safety in summer.

As a result, you will need a lot of water and water safety, not just to quench your thirst, but also to keep cool and healthy. Staying hydrated helps to keep the blood flowing and maintain the skin moisture.fresh fruit juice for babies

Encourage your kids to drink about 5 ounces of water often when they are out in the sun. This can be done every 20-30 minutes. For kids struggling to drink water, add some fresh fruit to the water to make it more appealing. Fruit juice will also be great.

Once in a while, try to take them somewhere cool to relax. It could be under a shady tree or a cubicle. Carrying a portable fan along will also help.

  1. Use Sunscreen – Outdoor Safety Tips For Summer

Since it’s summer and your kids are likely going to be staying outside most of the time, it’s always a good idea to cover them up with good sunscreens.

Apply sunscreen with an SPF protection of 30 or more will be great. Make sure it contains chemicals like titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, which are not only effective in blocking hot sun rays but also doesn’t cause adverse allergic reaction or skin irritation like many other some chemicals.

sunscreen cream for baby

Also, ensure the sunscreen is waterproof and can block both types of ultra-violet suns ray’s – UVA and UVB. For best results, the sunscreen should be applied on the kids 15 minutes before they head into the sun.

Endeavor to re-apply the cream every two hours when they are playing in the sun or immediately after they come out of the water. Make sure you also cover them with light, loose clothing.

  1. Carry A Temporary Cover- The Summer Heat Safety Tips

Apart from finding a cool spot to relax once in a while, it’s also a good idea to have some cover even while in the sun, especially during those times when the intensity is strongest.

In the summer when you go out or travel anywhere with your kids, You can use a stroller with a sunshade hood for your lovely kids.

We’ve already mentioned the need to cover kids with light, loose clothing. In addition, you might want to bring an umbrella along. Wearing a hat is also important for the kids as it helps to protect their sweet face and neck from the hot sun.

Sunglasses might also be used to shade the eyes.

To wrap it up,

Make sure you take your time to review all the tips highlighted above before taking your kids to play outside in the summer sun. Doing so will help you avoid visiting the emergency room.

There are definitely others like playing safe, using the crosswalks, memorizing phone numbers, and packing enough snacks. Hopefully, you should have gotten the gist by now.

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