When Should You Stop Using The Bassinet?

When should I stop using the bassinet

The bassinet has been around since ancient times and it’s still going strong today! One question that bassinet owners ask themselves is “How long should I use the bassinet?” When should you stop using it?

Babies are ready to make the switch from bassinets and cribs around 3-4 months of age. They often start getting too big for their bassinet before this time, so you might want a new bed sooner than later! It’s also best if your baby has already dropped her middle-of-feeding – just don’t do both transitions at once!!

There are many factors to consider when deciding how long to use your bassinet.

You may be wondering when you should stop using the bassinet for your baby. You likely already know that bassinets and cribs are not meant to be used interchangeably, but bassinets do have a limited lifespan.

The bassinet is typically intended for use up to six months of age, but some parents choose to use them longer than this.

If you’re looking to stop using your bassinet, there are a few things to think about before making a decision based purely on safety or convenience.

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What Is A Bassinet And How Does It Work?

Cute Bassinet

A bassinet is a baby sleep bed that can be placed in your bedroom for the first few months, and generally has an attached top to keep the baby secure. There are many great uses for a bassinet.

You can cradle your newborn baby while your babies start sleeping, take him with you when you get up to do things like using the bathroom or taking a shower. 

And not disturb him until it’s time for his next feeding.

Bassinets make giving everyone’s night and morning routines more manageable and comfortable.

Why Do Parents Use A Bassinet?

Cat on a bassinet

Parents will use a bassinet as an interim sleeping place for their baby that’s too small for their own crib.

It can also serve as a convenient and comfortable spot for the family to visit, chat with the baby, and even feed them without having to go to all the trouble of moving them out of their safe crib.

Choosing one is merely a matter of figuring out whether you want something travel-sized or something more permanent.

You might also want one depending on whether or not it will be possible to continue using your bed after delivery.

Because you’ll need another place for your newborn baby if not!

How Can You Tell If Your Baby Should Stop Sleeping In A Bassinet?

baby sleeping in a bassinet

Your baby stops sleeping in a bassinet as soon as they outgrow it, typically around the time they reach the maximum weight limit and height (usually within six months to one year).

When babies grow too big for their bassinets, there is no added benefit from continuing to use them.

In this case, parents usually move babies into a crib or bed and start using safety-approved bedside sleepers.

What Is The Difference Between Crib And Bassinet?

baby sleeping in a crib

A baby crib is usually larger than a bassinet and is used for infants up to eighteen months old. 

Unlike the crib, which has high sides, the bassinet’s sides are not as tall or sturdy so they can be more easily seen over. 

The two are really about the same. The bassinet just folds up for easy transport, while the crib doesn’t. 

When deciding on which protective bedding is best for your child, there are several factors to consider.

Such as space requirements with your home, infant’s weight limit with sleeping positions, or material preferences.

When Should You Stop Using The Bassinet?

baby smiling face

It’s a question for which there are no set answers, but here are some guidelines. It will also depend on your newborn baby’s weight limit and height. Let’s talk about it.

You’ll be able to stop using the bassinet when your baby can sit up on their own.

1. When your baby can sit up on their own

Your baby has reached a new milestone! Congratulations on reaching this stage in your life.

When they can sit up, you’ll no longer need to use the bassinet as well. It is time for them to start exploring more than just sleeping or eating all day long.

2. When they start pulling themselves to a standing position

When the baby starts pulling himself up to a standing position, it is time for you to stop using the bassinet.

It’s so adorable when they start pulling themselves to a standing position. You might want to stop using the bassinet then!

3. When they are able to climb out of the bassinet

It’s time to stop using the bassinet when they are able to climb out by themselves.

Because it can be dangerous for your baby and he/she might get hurt if you try climbing and falling down!

How To Get Your Baby To Sleep In A Crib After Sleeping In A Bassinet

baby playing with crib

It is an important time for your baby when the first time you move your baby from the bassinet. You might be wondering whether or not it’s safe, but rest assured! 

Here are some tips on how you can make this transition successfully without any tears.

1. Keep your baby in the same room

Keep the crib in a room next to yours, so you can feel safe for your baby. When you’ll move your baby it can make them sad by changing their bed and taking away from all those happy memories.

Moving them can be too much for a little one, and changing beds is disruptive! They know their place. So Make your baby in the same room where they are used to.

2. Add some extra pillows and get some toys

The best way to get your baby into the crib is by adding some extra pillows and baby sleep-proof toys.

The attention they receive will make them feel at home with their new surroundings so that these items are no longer foreign territory but rather something fun for him/her!

3. Don’t make a major change

Don’t make drastic changes in your room. It will have an effect on the baby’s mind. So be careful what you change around him too quickly or without patience for how he responds to everything that happens around him. 

You can do whatever is necessary but just don’t push it.

If there are still elements of home decorating being introduced into his environment at different rates than yours which may confuse matters even more!

How long should you use a bassinet?

bassinet aesthetic

You can use a bassinet for half to one year, depending on the age of your baby and the baby’s weight.

This is somewhat dependent on the child’s weight limit – because heavier babies are less likely to roll over in their sleep (you can say it baby rolls), so they can stay in a bassinet longer. 

A basic guideline is not to use it until 6 months old if the baby’s weight limit is 8 lbs or more at birth.

When should the baby be moved to their own room?

adorable baby face in a bassinet

Every baby is different, but by the age of 4-6 months, most babies are ready.

Your child might be ready to transition to their own room. Because she needs more hours of uninterrupted sleep each night, or he might feel scared when you carry him into his own room to put him down at bedtime.

By this point in your child’s development, he may have developed a sense of his personal space and want some independence from being swaddled 24/7. 

Whatever the reason for transitioning now, know that it isn’t too soon!

Wrapping Up

You may be wondering when to stop using the bassinet.

We recommend transitioning your child out of the bassinet by 12 months old, but it is up to you and your baby’s needs.

We’d love to hear about your experience with this! Have you ever had a baby in the bassinet? Did your baby sleep well and how long did it take for them to transition out of the bassinet?

Comment below and we will be sure to respond.

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